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Hair Color Cocktail

With the influx of hair color techniques such as ombre and balayage it is rare that the stylists here at Studio 229 do a regular all over hair color or partial foil. Instead, more commonly stylists cocktail color techniques in order to get hair that is suited to clients lifestyle,  skin tone and face framing.

What is so great about this for you is what typically would consume a half day in the hair salon to perform multiple services to achieve these effects and a good portion of your expendable income has now been reduced to a couple of hours and one price tag. Industry innovation in the hair industry goes farther then technique, with additives such as Olaplex the condition of your hair is also left feeling soft, manageable and amazing.

Examples of this can be seen with  blog23this soft red with warm tones of blonde and natural brown undertones that show how an all over color was applied to the root area of the hair and then a lightener was painted on to add extra highlights and soften the hair to go with her milky skin tone.

Another example of cocktailing is shown in this picture where an all over color is done and then the hair is painted on the ends and around the face to create lighter ends and darker roots:


This natural look is reminiscent of living in a sunny climate because the hair would naturally fade to lighter on the ends. Most people also tend to be a little lighter around their face. The other advantage to this type of hair coloring is the grow out of the highlight is less obvious and can be done less frequent.

One does not have to be of a certain age group to pull off this type of hair color nor is this any longer considered a trend. A couple of years ago when  coloring just the ends of your hair was trending (ombre) in the hair industry it was definitely a trend. Since, hair color has become much more refined and these techniques have graduated into hair color styles that fit every dimension, in every blend, to fit every life style.

If you are tired of the same old hair color and would like to explore something exciting yet refined we would love to consult with you about your hair color. Consultations are always free and we would enjoy a chat about what is best suited for your hair color.

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