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Keratin Straightening Treatments

Keratin Straightening Treatments

Does Frizzy Hair have you down?

There is help for you! Keratin Straightening treatments are actually better at taming frizz then straightening the hair. Although they will tame some of the curl, frizz taming is what they really give you control of. Keratin Straightening treatments are also great for cutting down on the amount of time it takes you to blow dry your hair. For example if it normally takes you 30 minutes, it will take you 20 minutes, maybe even 15 minutes for the same look.

A keratin Straightening treatment can take your hair from the look above to this:

Keratin Straightening Treatments also lock in hair color. This is because the keratin seals the hair color. Normally, it is advised that you do keratin treatments before you do hair color to get this added benefit. If you have just had your keratin treatment done and are thinking about color don’t be alarmed. Hair color will not hurt your Keratin Straightening Treatment.


This particular product does not contain any formaldehyde and is non damaging. There are products on the market that are damaging and do contain formaldehyde but I will not use these products for obvious reasons.  It takes about 2 and a half hours to perform the service. The effects will last from 3-4 months. The cost  is $300 at Studio 229 in Seattle on Capitol Hill. On occasion Studio 229 will run a special on this service for 10% off. It is worth noting that the more times that you get this service done the better it works.

If you would like to get this service done I would suggest booking an appointment with Deanna. She has tons of experience doing keratin treatments. Here is a link to the studio 229 booking page

Happy hair!



Solutions for Curly Hair

Solutions for curly hair can be found here or by seeing one of our specialist at the salon. A lot of people ask us if we have curly hair specialists. We do! Cutting curly hair can take a certain kind of finesse and intuition. We at Studio 229 are here for you. During your consultation we will ask you plenty of questions to ensure we give you the correct style for your curly mane. 🙂 For example: how do you style your hair? Will you be blow-drying? Would you like to wear it both curly and straight? Do you prefer volume or would you like to decrease bulk?

A common mistake a lot of stylists make on curly hair is over-layering. Our stylist DeAnna likes to do a technique called twist cutting. This decreases bulk and accentuates the curl without creating bulky lines (AKA a shelf).
She also great with curly hair and has plenty of techniques up her sleeve for de-bulking thick hair.
Halle Berry is ravishing with naturally curly hair

Perhaps you don’t want to de-volumize. Big hair is in! We also know some techniques for building volume at the top or crown. A common problem with curly hair is the weight of the hair can make it flat at the top and the big at the bottom. This can create kind of a triangle shape. Not always what you may be going for. The trick is to find some balance and create a flattering shape. Soft tapered ends and volume at the top can help achieve this.
a nicely balanced curly style

If you are looking to smooth the hair and reduce volume, am amino straightening treatment may be a good option for you. This is a safe way to remove some of the curl for a few months. The amount of curl removed depends on the hair type. Up to 100% curl and volume reduction may be achieved on less course hair types. If your hair is extremely course and curly the curl and volume will still be dramatically reduced. At this point you may wear your hair with a slight wave or with much less styling, straight. Either way this procedure dramatically reduces styling time! It’s amazing! Costs for this service vary on the amount of hair you have/ time and amount of product needed for your hair. You may come in for a free consultation to determine the cost and time you’d need to allot for the appointment.

Happy Trails!

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