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Hair Color Tones and Trends

Hair Color Tones and Trends

Forever now the ashy tones have been in and trendy. Let’s face it though, they just don’t look good on everyone. Not to mention, the ashy tones tend to be more damaging on your hair and wash out some skin tones. Whats more is the ashy cool tones do not look as natural as warmer tones. Therefore, I’m excited to see that warmer tones are starting to make a comeback. Who can wear these warmer tones? People with ashy, cool skin – that’s who.

Tones and Trends:

You can go more of a buttery blonde, not yellow. Also, be sure to use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep your toner in your hair. Tepid water also helps maintain your toner.  Adding lowlights will also give you a more natural effect and give you more dimension.

Anything that has dimension with a little darker root and lighter ends is going to pop. Check out the cover of In Style where Julia Robert’s hair color rules the page:


Even though we all know that her natural hair color is dark, her hair color looks natural, not overdone and simple. She perhaps could use a trim, but her hair tone is on point, not to ashy or gold.

According to most blog sites and stars that color their hair balayage is out and foiling is in. However, in Seattle most people still enjoy getting their hair balayaged. I think this is because the hair grows out a little better, without the heavy line of demarcation. The same rules apply to the tone and dimension whether you are foiling or balayaging.  Or perhaps a combination of the two. I think stylist creativity plays a great deal into the technique aspect. As long as you are getting the desired results, know what looks best on you (even if you choose something different) and are seeing a stylist who is familiar with all techniques to give your hair the best outcome then your golden.

Seattle Best Balayage

Seattle Best Balayage

Almost everyone in Seattle would love the “Best Balayage,” but what exactly is a great balayage? That depends. It depends on what you are looking for. It may be a simple lightening of 2-3 shades and a toner over the top or it could be a process that takes a couple of visits and must be put in foils in order to get enough lift if your hair is dark or has previous hair color on it. The good news is there are some new techniques out there that help you get the best balayage in Seattle. You can also get it done in record time thanks to these techniques that help apply the lightener easier, faster and with no weird lines or uneven color.

The stylists here at Studio 229 Hair Design have been using a balayage technique developed  by the Italian company Alter Ego lately with special sponges and brushes. The sponges allow application of the lightner faster and the brushes are of a high quality. Blending the lightner is much easier than the old method of Balayaging the hair. Time wise the application is cut down from about an hour to 15 minutes. There is no mess like the old techniques so lightening and toning becomes the main focus. It is about time that techniques have been perfected, as the old ways of doing balayages were too time consuming and messy.

The Italians have also come up with a superior lightening agent that lifts with less damage. It lifts faster, and is perfect for a great hair color, mainly balayages.


Balayage and Tone in the salon

These things are important because as you get your hair color touched up you don’t want to keep overlapping your lightener. Overlapping lightener will eventually cause damage which can lead to breakage. Also, the lightener has lots of conditioning properties and works as fast as possible. This ensures the least damage and best possible outcome. If you have fine hair or previously colored hair consider using the bond multiplier, Olaplex which will keep your hair healthy and shiny.

We are always here to answer more questions. Feel free to call the salon at 206*322*6325. If you would like to keep reading here is another blog about balayages

Hair Color Seattle Salon



Creative Hair Colors

Creative Hair Colors

Creative hair colors have come a long way in the last year or two. There has been an influx of new companies making fun new colors in categories like pastels, neons and metallics.


If you are considering showing some creativity in your style by adding some color to your hair here are some things to first consider.

  1. What type of work do you do? Consider asking your boss if it is okay or checking with your workers manual.
  2. Is your skin tone conducive to the color you are considering? If you have a lot of red in your skin, you probably should not go bright orange.
  3. These colors require prelighting so consider the current condition of your hair. If it is damaged, you may need to wait.
  4. Consider the upkeep. These colors fade out fast. Make sure that either your stylist is willing to sell you some product to touch up your hair color at home or that you can afford to get touched up every couple of weeks at the salon.
  5. Consider if you are going to do one or several colors, balayage technique, foil, or all over color and the effect and upkeep that will have on the overall creative hair color.

The Process

If you have natural hair (no previous hair colors) on your hair, the process is straight forward. Your hair is lightened on the parts you want colored and then the creative hair colors are applied  over the top of the pre lightened hair. However, if you have previous hair colors on your hair, your stylists will have to use a color remover to lift the color out prior to  lightening your hair. This will help keep your hair healthy because it removes a lot of the color without harsh chemicals.

The next step is to use a lightener, with the bond multiplier, Olaplex; This will finish the lightening process without damage to the hair.

After your hair has been lightened, color can be added to dry hair. With so many colors to choose from, make sure that all of the above considerations are followed. Here are some colors in a link to view; , although as mentioned before, there are a lot of other companies too.

By the way, Deanna, at Studio 229 specializes in these type of hair colors: and will  be happy to give you a free consultation.

The Results

The results will depend on the hair colors used and the technique used to color your hair. For example, this rose peach creative color was done by Deanna with first doing an all over bleach.

This creative hair color was done by Ashley. It is a balayage technique.

This hair color technique is also a balayage but done with neon creative colors:

The next technique is foiling the hair. This one is done with neon green hair color                           The one below here is another foil technique with creative fun hair colors


Sometimes matching haircuts with color is fun too:

Here are a couple more just for fun


All of this hair was done at Studio 229 on Broadway. If you have any questions feel free to contact any one of the stylist here. Thanks for checking out our blog!

Hair Color Cocktail

With the influx of hair color techniques such as ombre and balayage it is rare that the stylists here at Studio 229 do a regular all over hair color or partial foil. Instead, more commonly stylists cocktail color techniques in order to get hair that is suited to clients lifestyle,  skin tone and face framing.

What is so great about this for you is what typically would consume a half day in the hair salon to perform multiple services to achieve these effects and a good portion of your expendable income has now been reduced to a couple of hours and one price tag. Industry innovation in the hair industry goes farther then technique, with additives such as Olaplex the condition of your hair is also left feeling soft, manageable and amazing.

Examples of this can be seen with  blog23this soft red with warm tones of blonde and natural brown undertones that show how an all over color was applied to the root area of the hair and then a lightener was painted on to add extra highlights and soften the hair to go with her milky skin tone.

Another example of cocktailing is shown in this picture where an all over color is done and then the hair is painted on the ends and around the face to create lighter ends and darker roots:


This natural look is reminiscent of living in a sunny climate because the hair would naturally fade to lighter on the ends. Most people also tend to be a little lighter around their face. The other advantage to this type of hair coloring is the grow out of the highlight is less obvious and can be done less frequent.

One does not have to be of a certain age group to pull off this type of hair color nor is this any longer considered a trend. A couple of years ago when  coloring just the ends of your hair was trending (ombre) in the hair industry it was definitely a trend. Since, hair color has become much more refined and these techniques have graduated into hair color styles that fit every dimension, in every blend, to fit every life style.

If you are tired of the same old hair color and would like to explore something exciting yet refined we would love to consult with you about your hair color. Consultations are always free and we would enjoy a chat about what is best suited for your hair color.

Fall Hair Color 2014

Fall hair has finally arrived here in Seattle and the leaves are changing colors here on Broadway on Capitol Hill at Studio 229 Hair Design.


We are excited because that means that many people are choosing to take their summer lightened hair color a little darker for fall hair fun. Many people are wanting to take their hair color a little more chocolate brown and some people are wanting to take their hair color a little more red but still keep their highlights. Here are a couple examples of all over hair color with foils in between the color:

chocolatebrown                                                        redhair

Other clients are wanting to do what is called a balayage. This differs from an ombre in that more than just the ends of the hair are painted or highlighted. What is nice about this technique of hair color is that the hair grows out without a line of demarcation. Usually clients come in about every 4 months to get their hair color touched up when going with this technique in comparison to every 2-3 months when going with traditional highlights. Here are a couple examples of a balayage done well:

bayalage2                                                                               bayalage3

Please check out our Facebook page at Studio 229 hair Design and Spa for more recent works. Both DeAnna Picinich and Ashley Ridley are accomplished and talented hair colorist that can assist you in deciding which of these techniques would be best suited for your lifestyle, hair texture and skin tone. Also, consultations are always free of charge if you are still deciding, and just want an experts opinion! Online booking is available at or call the salon at 206-322-6325 to set up an appointment for a great new look and/or consultation!

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