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Want perfect brows?

perfect brows

We are no longer living in the days of pencil thin brows. Time to stop the tweezing and rethink your eyebrows. Here at Studio 229 we pride ourselves in staying up to date on hair and beauty trends to keep you looking hip! Natural, full, well shaped brows are really in right now.

As you get older and continue to wax and tweeze your eyebrows they may, over time, stop growing in. It is important to not over tweeze. If this happens there is still hope to have full, natural looking brows. Finding a good brow filler (pencil or powder) can create the illusion of perfect brows. Studio 229 also offers brow tinting which can help create that illusion.

Never had a brow wax? Want to complete your look and shape up your brows? Studio 229 Estheticians will take your unshaped brows and shape them to perfectly compliment your facial features. Brows should always start where the corner of the eye begins. The arch of your brow is found 3/4 of the way across the brow. Eyebrows are often done incorrectly when the arch is not far enough over and starts in the center of the brow. Thickness is always the clients preference but remember you can always wax more off. It is harder to grow them back in after extensive tweezing and waxing.

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