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Have you been thinking about short hair?!

Short says I am a confident women. I was inspired by the Golden Globes this weekend, watching all of the stars with their beautifully short hair. The look so elegant and feminine, youthful and fun! I hear a lot of women say that they could never have short hair because of this or that or face shape or feature. The truth is you just have to find the right haircut to bring out and frame your best features. I think every woman should try a short cut at least once in her life. It is empowering and  can have the strength  to advertise your confidence in a very comfortable and elegant way. Winter time is an introspective time and we can spend time on our look because it won’t melt in the sun and we are under so many layers, it is easy to let function take over fashion. Here are a few examples of different face shapes with short hair. And remember that short hair can and does not have to mean all gone!

Short hair is a great way to exaggerate and open up the eyes.


Keeping the length on top and having the sides tight allow you to change from bold to soft looks all with the same hair cut!



Short hair is a great way to bring length to rounder face shapes. Notice the tight sides and the height on top.

A longer short style is a good place to start too!

Bringing in a photograph of a style you like on a similar face shape to yours is a great way to open the dialog with your stylist about what look might work best on you.

As a stylist who loves cutting feminine short hair cuts, I want to remind you that you should feel comfortable and trust your stylist.  Consultations are vary important in insuring that you feel confident in your new do. Also complimentary maintenance hair cuts keep you short look feeling fresh.

Please come and see us at Studio 229 on Capitol Hill in Seattle for an awesome short hair cut!

Hair Color Trends

Hair color trends advice can be found here. Kelly Osbourne has lavender locks, Kate Bosworth has blue tipped ends and Lauren Conrad’s tie-dyed  hair shows that clients want an array of fashion colors this season. All over Europe as well as the U.S. sophisticated salon step-ups have been appearing. Warren Tricomi created NYC based Edward Tricomi Salon’s Splash Color Interpretation (color is simply splashed on), and encourages salons to create their own signature hair color services. His do’s and don’ts for trend tapping:

DO: The “Hipness factor”:It’s about the hair, the makeup, clothing and the personality working together to create a harmonious look.


DO: Choose hair colors based on the season. For fall, experiment with reds, oranges and yellows. For spring try pinks, blues, and greens. Go a little darker in the winter.


DON’T: Overdo it. Pick one or two colors at most 3 three.


DON’T: Try and be punk. This is an elegant an sophisticated style; it’s modern art.


For more tips or to make an appointment to get your hair colored come see us at our Capitol Hill hair salon in Seattle; it is called Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa. We love trendy hair with style that can be worn on business minded clientele.

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