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Extensions, Hair Color

Extensions and Hair Color

are like peanut butter and jelly or Yin and Yang. Extensions and hair color must match perfectly. Therefore, it is best to have your extension stylist also color your hair.

When you are looking for an expert extension stylist, make sure that stylist colors hair well. There is nothing worse, or more revealing, than hair color that doesn’t match the large extension investment you just made.  There are a lot of people out there doing extensions and hair color. I would suggest making sure that the stylist you choose has at least 5 years experience, and advanced training, doing both extensions and hair color.


Extensions come in many different types. They are 100% human hair and come in 18 inches or 22 inches. Here at Studio 229 Hair Design we use #Babeextensions There are tape-ins, I-tips and keratins. The type of extensions that are done on your hair is decided in the initial consultation. The type of extension used depends on the texture of your hair, the density and the desired length. Sometimes it is best to do a combination of techniques because, your hair texture may be fine on the sides and thicker in back. For example this I-tip technique does not always work well on thin sides. Because the hair is slippery, so the beads slip, and the hair falls out.

Therefore, if your sides are really thin, tape-ins are often used. Here is what that looks like:

Sometimes we cut these extension in half. This gives a smaller, more natural effect. Here at Studio 229, the stylists do not use the Keratin hair extensions because they are basically glue and too damaging on the hair when the extension is removed.

Hair Color

 Extensions come in balayage, highlighted and solid hair colors. Extensions also are very processed with hair color. More often than not, stylists have to color your hair to match the extensions. Sure, stylists can match your hair color to the extensions, but only with hair color. Because the extensions are so processed, hair color is what gets the perfect match.

A hair stylists who is an expert in hair color will be able to match the extensions with no problems. Especially one who has been working with hair extensions for at least five years. Here are a couple of examples of DeAnna’s work:


Studio 229, in Seattle is one of the only salons that does NOT charge a markup on the hair. That’s right, whatever we pay is what you pay! We make our profit from installing the extensions onto your head and from coloring your hair. If you would like to see a full menu of our prices, here is a link to our website’s price list;

A free consultation is required if you would like extensions. You can call the salon at 206-322-6325 or you can book online;

If you prefer to read more about extensions or hair color here are a couple of previous blogs:

Also if you are interested in looking at Babe hair extensions (they are amazing) Basset Salon Services carries them.

Don’t buy them as the markup is insane.



What’s up with Broadway?


What’s up with Broadway?

Capitol Hill Seattle

Honestly, being a small business owner, my perspective of Broadway isn’t all that different than the community I serve. Light rail has been open for almost two years now

and although it’s amazing, I don’t think that it warrants the increase in rents that landlords thought it would. Hence, all the for lease spaces. Perhaps, get a clue, and lower rents since even chains like Einsten’s bagels, that seemed busy, can’t seem to generate enough profit to stay in long-term leases. I don’t know I’m certainly not an expert on property management. But something’s seriously wrong.

Broadway Capitol Hill Seattle

The thing is though, light rail has made it a literal 2 minute ride to or from downtown or to the U district. It is so convenient that the city has raised Capitol Hill parking to 10pm. They say it is good for businesses! It is working for people who live in on or near Capitol Hill in Seattle to go car less. This concept is great for climate change. However, if you do not live on a bus line and want to come have dinner on the Hill, or get a haircut, I suggest downloading the Pay to Park App. for ease. However, because there is a 2 hour limit pay at the pay station on the street and take note of the number and take a picture of your license plate. Then refill time on the app. Wala, 4 hours. Loophole!

Although you may find the Pike/Pine corridor a bit more lively, this is because it is closer to town, landlords haven’t anticipated increased foot traffic because of light rail, and increased rents; and Broadway, and the surrounding area, is more residential. However, getting to Broadway is a bit easier because of light rail.

The residential trend will continue on Broadway as the construction is scheduled to start in 2018 on five new buildings adjacent to the light rail project and Cal Anderson Park. There will also be a Broadway Plaza. Here is a link to that project published in the Capitol Hill Blog.

Okay, it doesn’t seem that even with new construction and 427 more units scheduled that there is a too big of chance that North Capitol Hill, will fill all these retail spaces, especially since more are coming. Construction won’t even be done till about 2020. Unless there is some changes, personally I think that 427 units is not going to  make that big of a deal 3 years from now. Hope I’m wrong. Unless the city, landlords and businesses work together to create viable and affordable spaces that can work for the public the trend of for lease spaces will continue on Broadway.

Well for now there is plenty of good restaurants, hair salons and another new walk-in clinic going in where Charlie’s was (In case you’re too sick to walk 2 blocks).

After talking to 4-6 clients and friends per day, they give me reviews of their favorite restaurants up here!  I had dinner at a Malaysian one the other night and the food was A-mazing! Here is a link to there web sight

The prices were great too! And the drinks were special and had flavours that were new to me. There was a slight wait (around 25 minutes) but worth it.

Another great spot to hit up for breakfast or lunch is Cafe Solstice. There is a laid back vibe there and good sandwiches, ales, baked goods, coffee and music.

Okay, I will plug my business too with a link and let you decide for yourself as we are definitely one of the premier salons on Capitol Hill.

We specialize in hair color, keratin treatments and extensions and try our very best to please you. Consultations are always free if you’re in the market for a new stylist! We also offer sugaring and spa services from my girl Cecilia so you can have both done at the same place for convenience. (206)322-6325 is the phone number or we have online booking:

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Asymmetrical Haircuts

Asymmetrical haircuts are great. If you are looking for something a little different, a little funkier but still wearable, an asymmetrical haircut may be a good look for you. After all, they never really go out of style.

Paris Hilton in a smart asymmetrical bob

Not perfectly symmetrical , an asymmetrical haircut may be slightly different or drastically different on one side from the other, depending on the level of drama you desire. This can be a great way to switch up your bob or shoulder length hair easily. This is one of our favorites:

Stunning and very feminine asymmetrical cut

The look can be soft and feminine or more edgy and shattered –depending on your hair type and preference. A good consultation with one of our cutting cutting experts can help determine what look would work best with your hair type, face shape and lifestyle.

A more dramatic and edgy asymmetrical cut

soft and easy with a bit of edge

This asymmetrical haircut also grows out beautifully and is super easy to change or update. So why not just go for it? If you wish to get a different type of haircut that is cool too. We are always here for you! Mention this blog posting and get $10.00 off a new look today!

*new clients only.



Red Hair Color

Red hair color is so hot right now. How do you tell your hair designer what color of red you want? How do you know what color of red hair you want? Explore this blog to learn the colors of red that will be just right for you and your skin tone. There are several colors of red hair color that range from light to dark but knowing which one will look best on you may take a little research. If you have a light or fare skin tone it is probably best to stick with the more copper or gold reds:

Granted this image is showing off a little ombre. The copper next to her face is very appealing on her skin. If your skin is darker or more medium toned it is easier to wear a color that has more violet in it. A red, red hair color is very in right now. Whatever red color you choose, make it bright, bold and daring:

Although this red hair color isn’t for everyone, it is beautiful. There are several things that can be done to tone down this great red hair color. For example this image of multi-dimensional red hot hair color is great.

Love! This is very wearable red hair color is for almost everybody. Although the red hot hair is coppery it could also be done in a more violet or red, red. The fact that there is still brown hair throughout the bottom and partial sides gives the hair color dimension and adds interest. Plus, it just looks cool. There are other ways to make your hair look red hot for the Christmas season too:

This red hair color is so beautiful because it fits her skin, eyes and lip color well. When coloring your hair bright red it is important to remember that you must keep in mind your make-up and your cloths. If you go for a more natural red than it is not as noticeable. The other factor to keep in mind is upkeep or maintaining your hair color. Reds are notorious for fading. You can count on recoloring your hair about every 6 weeks in order to keep the color fresh and appealing.

If you have any other questions or would like a consultation feel free to contact the color professionals here at Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa. Hair color consultations are always free. Our phone number is 206-322-6325. We are located on Capitol Hill on Broadway in the heart of Seattle. We look forward to hearing from you!

Embrace Winter with Rich Hair Color

Embrace winter rich hair color. Rich hair color helps everyone embrace winter blues. With Winter upon us here in “sunny” Seattle we at Studio 229 Hair Salon believe it’s important to stay in great spirits this holiday season and the sometimes gloomy months to come any way you can. With our lack of sun, it is easy to feel a little blah. A great way to fight off those winter blues and update your look is with a richer or deeper hair color. A lot of people like to go darker for the winter but don’t know a good way to do it in a low commitment way. We are here to help.

Two great ways to go deeper for the season are low-lights (reverse highlighting) or a semi-permanent glaze.

Low-lighting is a foiling process done by weaving a deeper or richer hair color through the hair. This is sometimes referred to as reverse highlighting because instead of foiling with a lighter color we are depositing (not lifting) color for a darker tone. This creates shadows and dimension in the hair giving depth. You can use warm or cool colors depending on your preference.

If you already have light hair foiling in a warmer color a few shades darker can really update your look for winter


adding cool toned low-lights creates a more chocolate-y look perfect for winter months

Another great way to add depth to your hair for winter is with a glaze. A glaze is a sheer, semi-permanent color applied all over the hair. At Studio 229 we use Redken Shades EQ for this process. It’s a great color that conditions and adds incredible shine. Being a semi-permanent hair color, it will fade gradually without leaving a harsh line at the roots during grow-out. It is also ammonia free and non-damaging. It is best to stay a only a few shades darker for a natural look.

a glaze a few shades darker will add richness and incredible shine to the hair


Emma Stone’s hair is glazed with a warm apricot color to give her hair a boost of warmth and shine

Come into Studio 229 Hair Salon in Capitol Hill, Seattle for a free consultation and we can help you decide which hair color process will be right for you this winter.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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