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Olaplex at Studio 229

Studio 229 Uses Olaplex

Olaplex at Studio 229 has became a staple. When lightening one’s hair, Olaplex has become the most  important ingredient of all time and is truly revolutionary  to prevent breakage and maintain the integrity of the hair, that Studio 229 recommends that ALL clients use Olaplex. Since the product has now been on the market for about two years we have found some creative ways to use Olaplex that work better than even we could have ever imagined.  If you are new to the product, let me give you a quick run down to the amazing product first, then I will introduce you to some of the benefits of why Olaplex is so important when lightening your hair, and then I will tell you some of the creative ways in which I, Deanna have found it to work even better than how the directions recommend if you are battling dry or extremely chemically treated hair.

Olaplex is a three part treatment that multiples the bonds of your hair. The first part of the treatment is added to the lightener to begin to rebuild the bonds while they are being broke down.

Step 2 is basically a deep conditioner that is applied at the salon after the lightener is rinsed out. Like step #3, it must be shampooed out to prevent limp hair. Usually at the salon it is left on about ten minutes and then shampooed out. I have found that if this step is skipped the hair cuticle is open at this point, so the conditioner can really soak up the bond multiplier. I made the mistake of skipping this step on my own hair and really noticed the difference.

Step 3 is a take home product and can be purchased at Studio 229 for $28.00. I recommend using Olaplex step 3 once a week according to the direction but will also tell you some creative ways to use it. Since Olaplex is a bond multiplier, and split ends are a problem especially on fine and chemically treated hair, I recommend putting a very small amount onto your ends and leaving it there. I have found that doing so bonds those split ends together and really makes your hair feel and look healthy. This can be done twice a week and blown dry right into the hair. I have had great results doing this on even the finest of hair without weighing the hair down.

Although Olaplex #3 seems like a small bottle it really last a long time. There is no need to use a large amount. A little goes a long way. Although my hair is rather fine one of these small bottles last me about 4 months. Remember I am only using the product once a week and then using about a pea size on my ends twice a week. Sometimes if I’m not going anywhere on the weekend I will leave the once a week treatment in all day and night and just shampoo the next morning for an added extra treatment. Here are some pictures of people who’s hair Studio 229 has lightened using Olaplex:

                                      Studio 229 Uses Olaplex              

Studio 229 Uses Olaplex

Studio 229 Uses Olaplex

You get the point. As you can see most of these clients have naturally very dark hair. I pulled these photos from our facebook page:
Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa and there are several more on there of people who have gotten their hair lightened here using Olaplex and are also using it at home to keep their hair healthy.

So whether you choose to let me, Deanna lighten your locs,  or go somewhere else, please use Olaplex!


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