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Getting Amazing Curly Hair

Getting Amazing Curly Hair

Three things are for sure when it comes to curly hair. Curly hair is dry. Curly hair is inconsistent. One needs a great haircut in order to have any shape. Get a grip on these three things and you too can have amazing curly hair!

Let’s tackle the issue of dry hair first. We both know that your hair is sooo thirsty. Therefore, buy your products in the litre size. If the salon you frequent doesn’t sell them ask them to special order the size. It will save you a bundle in the long run. Also, curl creams are fantastic. However, make sure the ones you use are not going to break the bank. I suggest using ones that last, like Moroccan Oil and Mixed Girl. Also, if you have very curly hair, leaving a little moisturizing conditioner in your hair works well.

Because curly hair is inconsistent, it is important to keep your hair well shaped. I recommend trimming and cutting the hair while it is dry. This way the stylist can see how the hair is going to fall and not worry about how much it is going to spring up once it drys. The hair can be shaped perfectly. Check out this well shaped doo:

I know that not everyone will want to wear their curls this short. The point is, there has to be shape in every haircut. Even if you choose a longer haircut for your amazing curls make sure there is some shape to it. Let’s look at some longer curly haircuts.

Curly Hair, Woman Beauty Face Portrait, Fashion Model Girl with Blond Hairstyle and Make Up

Notice how this haircut has layers that add shape. The hair is also dried to enhance the curl. This means the hair is shaped when it is wet. Usually by scrunching, adding product or even wrapping it around your finger for shape. Then it is left to dry unencumbered.

Here is another image of amazing curly hair that is worn naturally:

This haircut looks looser on the ends because it is so long. The length of the hair weighs down the curl. It is also a bit frizzy. A smoothing serum could do wonders for this and would also add some shine. This would make this head of hair an amazing head of curly hair. Adding hair color also goes a long way in getting amazing curly hair. Here is a link to some ideas for that 

If you are in the market to find an amazing curly hair stylist feel free to contact studio 229. They specialize in curly hair and will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Hope to see you soon!


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