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Exfoliating for a natural beautiful glow

Exfoliating for a natural beautiful glow is a must at studio 229’s spa. As summer quickly approaches we are all preparing for fun in the sun. Dieting, exercising, hair removal, tanning, and skin preparation. One thing most people forget is the importance of removing the dead skins cells from the surface of the skin. Exfoliating is such and important and often neglected part of peoples skin care routines. The more built up skin cells on the skin the harder it is for product penetration. Exfoliation reveals fresh, new  skin that can then absorb the product to it’s fullest potential.

So how often should we be exfoliating? A light exfoliation 2-3 times a week is ideal to keep up with removing excess dirt, oils, and dead skin from the epidermis (top layers of the skin). A cleanser with light exfoliating beads or a facial brush works best. For skin that tends to become red or irritated easily you should find a liquid exfoliators such as the Vera Botania Glyco Gel. This will prevent any excess redness or damage to your already sensitive skin. If this is your skin type you should not exfoliate as often. Be very careful of OVER exfoliating your skin. Skin on the face can easily be damaged and torn. Here at Studio 229 on Capitol Hill in Seattle we have a couple great treatment options to help you maintain that beautiful glowing skin!! A microderm treatment is an exfoliating treatment in itself. This treatment is the process of removing the built up dead skin cells to reveal the youthful skin underneath. This is the perfect treatment to help with anti-aging! Also our facial treatments at Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa include an awesome exfoliation that helps the products used during your service to better benefit your skin. We are the only spa on Broadway and strive to provide the best and most up to date treatments available! Studio 229 is looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful skin!

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