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Extensions, Hair Color

Extensions and Hair Color

are like peanut butter and jelly or Yin and Yang. Extensions and hair color must match perfectly. Therefore, it is best to have your extension stylist also color your hair.

When you are looking for an expert extension stylist, make sure that stylist colors hair well. There is nothing worse, or more revealing, than hair color that doesn’t match the large extension investment you just made.  There are a lot of people out there doing extensions and hair color. I would suggest making sure that the stylist you choose has at least 5 years experience, and advanced training, doing both extensions and hair color.


Extensions come in many different types. They are 100% human hair and come in 18 inches or 22 inches. Here at Studio 229 Hair Design we use #Babeextensions There are tape-ins, I-tips and keratins. The type of extensions that are done on your hair is decided in the initial consultation. The type of extension used depends on the texture of your hair, the density and the desired length. Sometimes it is best to do a combination of techniques because, your hair texture may be fine on the sides and thicker in back. For example this I-tip technique does not always work well on thin sides. Because the hair is slippery, so the beads slip, and the hair falls out.

Therefore, if your sides are really thin, tape-ins are often used. Here is what that looks like:

Sometimes we cut these extension in half. This gives a smaller, more natural effect. Here at Studio 229, the stylists do not use the Keratin hair extensions because they are basically glue and too damaging on the hair when the extension is removed.

Hair Color

 Extensions come in balayage, highlighted and solid hair colors. Extensions also are very processed with hair color. More often than not, stylists have to color your hair to match the extensions. Sure, stylists can match your hair color to the extensions, but only with hair color. Because the extensions are so processed, hair color is what gets the perfect match.

A hair stylists who is an expert in hair color will be able to match the extensions with no problems. Especially one who has been working with hair extensions for at least five years. Here are a couple of examples of DeAnna’s work:


Studio 229, in Seattle is one of the only salons that does NOT charge a markup on the hair. That’s right, whatever we pay is what you pay! We make our profit from installing the extensions onto your head and from coloring your hair. If you would like to see a full menu of our prices, here is a link to our website’s price list;

A free consultation is required if you would like extensions. You can call the salon at 206-322-6325 or you can book online;

If you prefer to read more about extensions or hair color here are a couple of previous blogs:

Also if you are interested in looking at Babe hair extensions (they are amazing) Basset Salon Services carries them.

Don’t buy them as the markup is insane.



Getting Perfect Hair Extensions

Getting Perfect Hair Extensions

To get the perfect hair extensions you must figure out what type of extensions are best suited for you. There are several different types of hair extensions. For example, there are I-tips, tape-ins and ones that are actually glued to your hair (Keratin). Deciding on which kind is bested suited for you is important because the wrong type can be very damaging. Sometimes a combination is best. For example, if you have fine hair on the sides and thicker in the back it is often best to put tape in on the back and i-tips on the sides.

Matching the type of hair extensions best suited for your hair also depends on the desired length. This is because types of extensions fall differently and have different looks. For example, the i-tips are applied in a horseshoe section and are smaller in diameter. They often work better on people with finer hair or people who wear their hair up a lot.

The thinner strands of the extensions are great for fine hair.

The tape-in extensions tend to work a little better on people with thicker hair. The keratin extensions work best if your hair short. This is because it is easier to build a base. Also, if your hair is shorter and you are trying to extend the length you may need to wear it layered in order to blend your hair with the extensions in order to make it look natural.

Figuring out which technique of hair extensions is perfect for you requires a consultation. Not only can a qualified stylist can tell you what type of extensions are best suited for your texture of hair, there is also the color match to consider. I highly recommend having the same stylist color your hair and do the extensions. There are several reasons for this. But the main reason is that, your stylist knows exactly what color of extensions s/he is using and can match the color easier than someone not doing the extensions.

The former Ed Wyse (now Basset Beauty Supply) carries a really great brand of hair extensions called Babe Extensions. They are open to the public and have several locations all over the city.

You can always pop by there and check out their hair. Don’t buy it though as I get a discount on it and do not charge you a markup. I will get it for you at cost.

If you are in the market for the perfect hair extensions you can read a bit more on our website.

Consultations are always free, we can do a color match and I will help you decide what type of extensions are best suited for your hair texture and length. I hope this has been helpful. Feel free to call the salon or book online




Amazing Hair Extensions in Brown Red colored Babe Hair Extensions

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