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Red Hair Color Trends for Fall!

Check out some red hair color trends for fall. It’s almost Fall here in beautiful Seattle. Fall is always reminiscent of the warm colors of the leaves changing, pumpkin pie, cinnamon spices and cozy sweaters with knit tights in jewel tones.
So it makes sense that this a popular time to color your hair red as well.
After wearing your hair light for summer why not indulge in the vibrant colors of fall and go red?
Red hair feels luxurious and rich, has a lot of light reflective qualities that make your hair look shiny and looks gorgeous on many skin tones.
To find the right red for you come in for a free consultation and allow our hair color experts to analyze your skin and eye color to find the perfect shade of red.
crimson red with mutiple tones
A true red hair like pictured above is dramatic and looks great on porcelain skin tones with neutral undertones.
A violet red, very modern and chic
This very chic violet red hair color pictured above is a great way to go for cooler skin tones and eye colors. It’s fun, rich and modern for this Fall 2012!

red ombre

For something a little lighter and fun why not a coppery ombre? Ombre is still very in and what a great way to add red hair and still keep some blonde. Coppery tones can work on warm or neutral skin tones.
fun and bright red with different tones
This above red hair has multiple shades of coppers and deeper reds as well and is fun and modern for warm or neutral skin tones. Her hair color  looks amazing.
Have your own ideas? Brings us some pictures or email us with any questions you have. We love to talk hair color! Consultations are always free with our color experts here at Studio 229!
Happy Fall!

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