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Holiday Hair 2011



When Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa thinks of Holiday Hair we think of the total package. We think of the hair cut, we think of the hair color and we think of glowing skin. We also think of a beautiful dress that wows those around you. Isn’t it nice to know that when you get ready for that holiday party that you are looking great? Well we here at Studio 229 are here to give you some simple tips to help the most everyday girl look her best for that up coming holiday event.

Lets start with the hair cut. If  it has been awhile since you have had a hair cut well ladies it is probably time to get a hair cut. We know that it is the season of giving but one must also give a little to themselves. Even if you plan to wear your hair up some of those ends will poke out and hopefully you will wear soft curls that will hang lose and some ends will hang down. A good hair cut is one of the most inexpensive ways to make your hair behave and to keep it looking it’s best. Lets take a look at a couple of holiday up dos:

All of these hair styles are soft and flirty. They are feminine. The girls dress’ are pretty and their skin is glowing. Lets look at some more pictures of the total package:

Kerry is for sure the total sexy beautiful package. These last two images have great accessories. This is great because it can take a simple up do and make it look formal or much more “done”.   Accessories  for your  hair can be purchased at any mall or department store. Putting your hair up can be easier than you think. If you start at the base of your neck and back comb your whole head of hair. Be patient and take small sections of hair. Curl your hair before you start. Hot rollers are the easiest method. Use lots of hair spray. Aerosol works the best because it drys the fastest. After you have your hair back combed use 3 imaginary sections; lower, middle and top. Begin to roll the lower section in a tight roll keeping it close to the nape of the neck and start to move upward toward the mid section incorporating that hair into your hands the clip and roll the hair into itself:

These pictures help you to get the idea. If your hair is long you can tuck, if your hair is shorter you will need to pin. You can leave some hair out on top for curls and pinning. Also, for a softer look than shown in these two photos pull some hair down from the bottom of the neck and put some barrel curls in with a curling iron. These photos are merely for an image of how to pull and twist your own hair. Here are some examples of what could be done after you have twisted your own holiday hair.

Holiday hair for 2011 is fun and flirty. It is bold and pretty. We at Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa hope that you have fun with all of your holiday parties and holiday hairstyles this season. We are always here to assist you. Whether you need your color touch-up or your hair cut we are here to give you glowing skin with our anti-aging facials and our glycolic peels and microdermabrasions. Check out our web site at

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