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Chemical Peels

Chemexfoliation treatments also known as chemical peels are great for all kinds of skin issues. Many people fear the thought of a “chemical peel”. There are many different kinds and strengths. The peels our skin experts use here at Studio 229 on Capitol Hill in Seattle, are less severe then ones done in dermatologist offices and medical spas. The two options we offer are glycolic (30% or 40%) and salicylic. The two have little to no down time.

For mature skin a glycolic acid treatment is always a great way to encourage skin cell turnover and keep skin looking radiant and youthful. The glycolic acid removes the top, dead skin cells to reveal new healthy skin. When used in a series the peels, over time, can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Salicylic acid peel treatments work best on acne prone skin. The salicylic peel helps to bring down inflammation and dry out the filaments and oils on the skin. Most clients see results after just one chemical peel treatment.

It is very important after any skin treatment, especially a chemical peel, to apply liberal amounts of sun screen. Direct sun exposure after a treatment can cause scaring at the site of a blemish. Sun screen is always important but if it is not something already in your daily skin routine, it needs to be after having any chemical peel. You may notice some redness after your treatment. This should only be this way for a couple days with little or no peeling of the skin. Chemical peels are treatments you should leave to the professionals. There are risks of chemical burning to the skin if the procedure is done incorrectly. Our Estheticians here at Studio 229 in Seattle bring only the best, safest, and most affective treatments possible!

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