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Amazing Hair Color

Amazing Hair Color

Amazing hair color begins with shine, texture and flow. In order to achieve amazing hair color you need an amazing stylist. Amazing hair color comes with by way of an amazing salon where stylists are trained to see your hair, skin and lifestyle all as one component and big picture. They tie it all together in order to give you the best outcome. Amazing hair color usually has some depth, even if your hair color is blonde it needs some dimension and movement (flow). This is what is meant by texture in hair color. The shine is important too. You cannot have amazing hair color and have dull hair. Your hair must, I repeat must be healthy to be amazing. Some of us have this image of a model, hair blowing in a fan. That is not what will make your hair color look amazing. This is:


First and foremost, never lighten your hair without using the bond multiplier Olaplex. It is a patented product and it will save your hair. I also highly recommend that you take home Olaplex #3 and use it once a week. It will keep your hair healthy in between hair color treatments. Because your hair is healthy it will also maintain it’s natural shine.

Also, if you blow dry your hair, try using a light mist shine spray from the mid-shaft down. What this does is calm the fly-aways that we all get. It also adds to the shine. My favorite is Kenra Silkening Mist because it is light and smells like vanilla and cherry dream. Here is how it looks:


Amazing hair color is also dependent on texture. Texture relies on your hair color having multi-dimension. Even if you choose to have only one color or all over color it should have several colors when the light hits it. Amazing hair color looks lighter in sunlight and darker indoors. Your hair color should reflect light, even without highlights or balayage treatments. If you do choose those treatments you will have more texture and dimension. It all depends on your desired look. Remember that contrast and similarities in the colors that you choose will determine the amount of texture that you get. For example, if you choose a very dark base color and a light highlight color you will have a lot of dimension. Where if you choose a medium base color and a caramel highlight you will have a much more subtle amount of dimension. Let’s take a look at both:

Here is a photo taken of a clients hair who we decided that putting both some warm hair color tones and blonde hair color tones would add great texture.

highlight hair texture abstract background

Flow and amazing hair color

Flow and amazing hair color work in two ways. First, you must have a haircut that works with your color and face shape. Secondly, please, please get your haircut regularly. If you have split ends that are dry and weighing down your hair you are not going to have the healthy, shiny flowy hair that you want. Also, if you have heavy thick hair and it needs to be thinned out it is not going to flow or move well if it has been three months since you have had a haircut. A trim will go a long way in making and keeping your amazing hair color amazing. Long hair that is unhealthy is not pretty ladies. Please consider taking off a little each time you get it colored. In the long run, your hair will thank you with amazing hair color!

Here at Studio 229 we specialize in custom hair color and we always use Olaplex when lightening the hair. We have several other blogs where we have posted pictures of our work. Here are some of those links:

Hair Color Seattle Salon

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Our work can also be viewed on our instagram page at


Extensions, Hair Color

Extensions and Hair Color

are like peanut butter and jelly or Yin and Yang. Extensions and hair color must match perfectly. Therefore, it is best to have your extension stylist also color your hair.

When you are looking for an expert extension stylist, make sure that stylist colors hair well. There is nothing worse, or more revealing, than hair color that doesn’t match the large extension investment you just made.  There are a lot of people out there doing extensions and hair color. I would suggest making sure that the stylist you choose has at least 5 years experience, and advanced training, doing both extensions and hair color.


Extensions come in many different types. They are 100% human hair and come in 18 inches or 22 inches. Here at Studio 229 Hair Design we use #Babeextensions There are tape-ins, I-tips and keratins. The type of extensions that are done on your hair is decided in the initial consultation. The type of extension used depends on the texture of your hair, the density and the desired length. Sometimes it is best to do a combination of techniques because, your hair texture may be fine on the sides and thicker in back. For example this I-tip technique does not always work well on thin sides. Because the hair is slippery, so the beads slip, and the hair falls out.

Therefore, if your sides are really thin, tape-ins are often used. Here is what that looks like:

Sometimes we cut these extension in half. This gives a smaller, more natural effect. Here at Studio 229, the stylists do not use the Keratin hair extensions because they are basically glue and too damaging on the hair when the extension is removed.

Hair Color

 Extensions come in balayage, highlighted and solid hair colors. Extensions also are very processed with hair color. More often than not, stylists have to color your hair to match the extensions. Sure, stylists can match your hair color to the extensions, but only with hair color. Because the extensions are so processed, hair color is what gets the perfect match.

A hair stylists who is an expert in hair color will be able to match the extensions with no problems. Especially one who has been working with hair extensions for at least five years. Here are a couple of examples of DeAnna’s work:


Studio 229, in Seattle is one of the only salons that does NOT charge a markup on the hair. That’s right, whatever we pay is what you pay! We make our profit from installing the extensions onto your head and from coloring your hair. If you would like to see a full menu of our prices, here is a link to our website’s price list;

A free consultation is required if you would like extensions. You can call the salon at 206-322-6325 or you can book online;

If you prefer to read more about extensions or hair color here are a couple of previous blogs:

Also if you are interested in looking at Babe hair extensions (they are amazing) Basset Salon Services carries them.

Don’t buy them as the markup is insane.



Hair Color Tones and Trends

Hair Color Tones and Trends

Forever now the ashy tones have been in and trendy. Let’s face it though, they just don’t look good on everyone. Not to mention, the ashy tones tend to be more damaging on your hair and wash out some skin tones. Whats more is the ashy cool tones do not look as natural as warmer tones. Therefore, I’m excited to see that warmer tones are starting to make a comeback. Who can wear these warmer tones? People with ashy, cool skin – that’s who.

Tones and Trends:

You can go more of a buttery blonde, not yellow. Also, be sure to use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep your toner in your hair. Tepid water also helps maintain your toner.  Adding lowlights will also give you a more natural effect and give you more dimension.

Anything that has dimension with a little darker root and lighter ends is going to pop. Check out the cover of In Style where Julia Robert’s hair color rules the page:


Even though we all know that her natural hair color is dark, her hair color looks natural, not overdone and simple. She perhaps could use a trim, but her hair tone is on point, not to ashy or gold.

According to most blog sites and stars that color their hair balayage is out and foiling is in. However, in Seattle most people still enjoy getting their hair balayaged. I think this is because the hair grows out a little better, without the heavy line of demarcation. The same rules apply to the tone and dimension whether you are foiling or balayaging.  Or perhaps a combination of the two. I think stylist creativity plays a great deal into the technique aspect. As long as you are getting the desired results, know what looks best on you (even if you choose something different) and are seeing a stylist who is familiar with all techniques to give your hair the best outcome then your golden.

Radiant Redheads

Radiant Redheads

Radiant redheads exclaim, “Red hair don’t care!” There are a lot of red hair colors and it certainly doesn’t have to be Fall to think about changing one’s hair color to red. The great thing about red hair color is that there are so many different shades of red hair color that anyone, that’s right, anyone can wear red hair color! It just depends on the shade and the depth of the red hair color. Let’s dive in a little deeper to what I’m talking about.

I know that y’all get sick of me talking about skin tone. But hey, when it comes to hair color it is important. Let’s say you have an olive complexion. It is probably best to stick with a more purple or richer red. Here are a couple of photos of clients that have just that. This is my friend Rose and although she normally wears blue hair, I at one point talked her into changing it to red. It didn’t last long because she got too many cat calls. I realize that most people don’t wear this bright of hair so stay tuned for more.

Here is a before and after of a radiant redhead who has an olive complexion and been a couple of different colors and really likes red hair color. What is nice about this photo is that you can see how her hair is very dark naturally and how both her base and a couple streaks are added for dimension. She has a ton of hair.

Check out this brown red; so pretty, so radiant!

Moving along to check out radiant redheads with fair skin tones and therefore more gold in the hair color.

Notice how her skin and eyes are lighter than the previous radiant redheads. She looks great! She could even add a couple blonde highlights for a strawberry blonde effect in the summer or just leave it as is.

If you are interested in becoming a radiant redhead or just reading a little more about hair color in general here is a couple more links to hair color blogs

Thanks for reading and if you would like to talk about it consultations are always free. You can book online, at or feel free to call the salon at



Best Balayage Hair Color




Best Balayage Hair Color

Consider these things to get the best balayage hair color:

The stylist:

Make sure that the stylist you see has had advanced training. Specifically in Facebook page and check out their work and make sure that their work is on point: There is one link for you to check out that has some pretty cool balayage photos.

The training:

Where did the stylist get the training? Normally, stylist with advanced skills get their training from going to classes. Not just watching internet videos. Don’t be afraid to look at salon websites and look for training list under stylists bios. It is also okay to call salons and ask. Balayages often not only take training but also practice. Therefore, ask how long stylists have been doing balayages. I would recommend that a stylist be doing them for at least three years if you would like a truly great balayage hair color.

The salon:

Pick a salon that is centrally located. One that knows how to treat you well. Getting the best balayage hair color is also about catering to your individual needs, your lifestyle and your comfort while you’re at the salon.

Also, the color itself must match your eyes, skin tone and level of maintenance. The consultation is important, should be free and you should always be comfortable both physically and emotionally.

It is also a great idea to have pictures of the desired look you want to achieve. A seasoned stylist can help guide you into a fashionable look based on your unique style.

Here are some examples of recent works where the client had something in mind and we “tweaked” the results a tad.

Hand painted bleached hair with pink roots

If you are looking for a good place to get the best balayage hair color Studio 229 hair design has all of the things mentioned in this article. Here is a link to the online booking

If it is convenient for you we would be happy to give you a free consultation and discuss giving you the best balayage possible for you.



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