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Trendy, sassy wearable hair cuts for 2015

Trendy hair fun!
Hello World! lol. I’m DeAnna:


I have this great trendy little hair salon on Capitol Hill in Seattle. We are known for our great hair color techniques. A great hair color service is not complete without an awesome hair cut. We also do a great hair cut. We keep up with the latest trends by attending all of the available education we can, watching lots of YouTube videos and keeping on eye on all fashion trends. The salon has a great laid back vibe. We serve tea before 3 and wine after 3 to those who partake.


Our vision is to create an environment that offers the best quality service available with luxury products that ensure the health of your hair. Once you have decided to make an appointment we will do our best to make sure that you are happy with your trendy hair by listening to what you want, why you want to wear you hair that way, help to guide you with a professional opinion about your face shape etc., your lifestyle, what you do to style your hair, what type of products would suit these things to ensure the proper hair cut for your unique you.

All of this is done with a consultation before your hair is cut. Perhaps you are thinking about a trim, or perhaps you are thinking about taking off several inches. Maybe straight across bangs would give your hair that Wow! look you have been searching for.


Although this hair cut is super chic and very hot right now what is trending for early 2015 on the runways is super long hair. Some people are growing out their bobs but it is still important to keep your tresses clean on the ends. Nothing looks worse than long ratty hair. We suggest that you get your hair at least trimmed every 2 months. If you are growing your hair out, find someone who will “tip” the ends to ensure the length.


These beachy waves are in and very wearable by almost everyone. If you have wavy hair this look can be accomplished with air-drying your hair with a sea salt sprayed into your hair while wet and scrunching your hair and then using the same spray again while it is dry. Another fun look for 2015 is the “new bob.” This bob is a little longer than the traditional bob and a little more wearable. It does not take the same amount of maintenance and doesn’t have the clean lines.


I don’t think it would be fare to no show you some of the great , luxurious styling products used to create these looks. What is nice is that you too, can have these looks! They are some of the easiest looks to create that have been highly fashionable in a long time. If your hair is bone straight you would need to use a large curling iron and pull out the curls; however, if you have a slightly wavy hair texture here is your product.


Any questions about shorter hair cuts, hair color or free consultations can be directed to 206-322-6325. Or if you would like to discuss more about any of the concepts talked about in this blog feel free to call. Appointments times always include enough time for an in-depth consultation. We do have on-line booking available for your convenience  at if you prefer. We would love to meet you and use our creative talents on your hair.



Asymmetrical Haircuts

Asymmetrical haircuts are great. If you are looking for something a little different, a little funkier but still wearable, an asymmetrical haircut may be a good look for you. After all, they never really go out of style.

Paris Hilton in a smart asymmetrical bob

Not perfectly symmetrical , an asymmetrical haircut may be slightly different or drastically different on one side from the other, depending on the level of drama you desire. This can be a great way to switch up your bob or shoulder length hair easily. This is one of our favorites:

Stunning and very feminine asymmetrical cut

The look can be soft and feminine or more edgy and shattered –depending on your hair type and preference. A good consultation with one of our cutting cutting experts can help determine what look would work best with your hair type, face shape and lifestyle.

A more dramatic and edgy asymmetrical cut

soft and easy with a bit of edge

This asymmetrical haircut also grows out beautifully and is super easy to change or update. So why not just go for it? If you wish to get a different type of haircut that is cool too. We are always here for you! Mention this blog posting and get $10.00 off a new look today!

*new clients only.



Long Layered Hair Cuts

Long layered hair cuts are in. I mean when is beautiful sexy hair really out right? But more than ever we are seeing luscious beautiful locks everywhere we look. Hair cuts with long layers can be easy and bohemian, with soft waves; sleek and edgy with sharper edges, or just lovely and flowing, with nice blended layers.

Megan Fox in gorgeous long layers

Layers in hair are the perfect way to keep long, thick hair manageable or a way to give thin, lifeless hair a lift.
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the best way to keep hair long and looking great is to get regular trims. Afraid your “trim” will turn into a more than you’d wanted off? Find a stylist you TRUST. Getting just a teeny bit (less than a half an inch) regularly (every 6 weeks or so) is the best way to keep your hair long with the ends fraying. Once the ends fray, more needs to be cut off and you back where you started. Most stars get these teensy trims instead of full haircuts every couple weeks.
Lots of texture with a fringe
Stop into Studio 299 today and find the perfect layered hair cut for your hair type!

Hot For Fall: Avant Garde Hairstyles with a Classic Twist

Hot Fall: Avant Garde Hairstyles Classic Twist

With the influx of new information flooding our brains,  high unemployment rates, the unstable housing market and a volatile stock market it is only fitting that our creative sides flourish. Although classic looks will always be wearable a new approach is being taken to the classics.  Some have referred to it as peacocking.

Although peacocking refers to adding a dash of bright color to ones wardrobe or hair color, to offset the feeling of gloom caused by the above feelings of anxiety. I would like to suggest that the reason people add these fun and creative dashes of color is because they are simply artistic, edgy and fun people who in no way want to be mistaken for your average run of the mill soccer mom. Not to mention they simply look amazing. Although, some “peacocking is done with bright colors it is possible to use any  hair color for a  more subtle look.

The idea of adding hair color in this fashion is not new. The classic hair cuts with the heavy contrast of color is not new either. What is a bit different than what we have seen in the past is the clean lines in the hair cuts and the square blunt lines color with added in a new fashion.

Much of the new hair color techniques include

ombre hair color and peek-a-boo hair color techniques. These hair color techniques are often done with back combing and other creative methods that are new to the hair industry.  It is also now common in the salon to see two different hair colors being applied to the same strand of hair. We are always looking for a new and creative way to cut the hair on top of our creative hair color to show off what  fantastic and awesome new technique we have come up with that we just know hasn’t been discovered by the salon down the street yet. We here at Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa think we are very fashion forward. I am sometimes surprised when I have dinner out on Broadway or on the Pike/Pine corridor and see that there just might be other talent in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Although that may be true,  Studio 229 will not to be outdone.

There are several hair colors and techniques used on this image. If you are looking for a hair color that requires experience and creativity check out Studio 229 located on Capitol Hill in Seattle. They have several talented designers who are delightful and eager to create a new style for you. They are located on the web at or you could reach them by phone at 206*322*6325

The Classic “Bob” Haircut

No matter what trend we wear or what hair style comes into fashion one that always stays hip is the classic bob haircut. There are many ways to wear the classic bob. One could wear the classic bob very short or long. One could put a lot of layers into the classic bob haircut or one could wear the bob all one length. The truth is that no matter how one chooses to wear a bob, at one time or another every female will probably have one. Therefore, it is a haircut very worthy of discussion. Normally one would start long and go shorter since you cannot put the hair back on but you can cut it shorter.  Lets start there. Here are some images of longer bobs.

Hmmm….bangs or no bangs. Most of these bob hair cuts are one length.  The only requirement is that the haircut is above the shoulder in the back of the head and that there is some swing to the hair cut. The hair can actually be far longer in the front. This is the now classic lob. Notice how the last image is even longer on one side. Lets look at some shorter bob haircuts:

Although one would not be able to get any of these bob haircuts into a pony tail they are a great haircut for easy styling. This haircut is also ideal for those who have fine hair.  Hair tends to look thicker when it is cut in this manner. If your hair is thick and you like the look of a bob haircut you may want to consider adding some layers. Here are some images of bobs with layers:

Adding layers also gives the hair more body or height. If you are considering a bob haircut and are still undecided about what length to go, whether to get bangs, or whether to have layers put in your bob give us a call at 206-322-6325 here at Studio 229 Hair Design in Seattle to book a consultation. Our designers will analyze your face shape and lifestyle to best determine what length and amount of layering  would be best suited to fit your unique style.

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