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Extension Questions Answered

Extension Questions Answered

There are 4 essential extension questions that most clients love to ask right from the start: How much do extensions cost? Are extensions damaging? How long do extension lasts?, And what kind of extensions are the best? Let’s start with the last question, first.

What Kind of Extensions are Best?

The type of extension that is best for you is going to be based on the thickness of your hair. Extensions come in several types. Most salons use tape ins, micro beads or i-tips  and Keratin (Glue). Personally, I believe keratin is too damaging so I stick to tape-in and micro beads. Sometimes a combination of the two types also works well. Tape ins are nice for building a base but don’t work well on the upper layers. Especially for wearing ones hair up.

Here is a client who has plenty of hair, as shown in the before photo.


Tape ins were applied to extend length:

extensions, blue, silver balayage

Tape in extensions with blue and silver peek a boos.

How Long do Hair Extensions Last?

Hair Extensions lasts 6 weeks and then need to be “moved up.” Tape in hair can be moved up three times. I tip hair can moved up twice because the glue that bonds the extension together breaks down. If hair extensions are not moved up every six weeks, you risk your hair being damaged. This is because as your hair grows, the extension weighs down heavier and pulls harder on the attached hair.

Are Hair Extensions Damaging?

Hair extensions can be damaging if you don’t maintain them. If you have baby fine hair they can also be damaging. I believe that keratin hair extensions are also very damaging upon removal. Also, if extensions are not done correctly they can be damaging because hair overlapping causes breakage. Proper tools and hair, also essential. I know that you can find cheap hair but it will not have the shine or quality component, therefore, look. The stylist ability to blend your hair to the extension hair is a big part of the service. Keeping your hair healthy despite highlighting, like shown below, is essential when relying not only the blending ability of an extension expert.

tape in extensions, I-tip extensions, microbeads, capitol hill hair salon, seattle salon

This is a combination of I-tip and tape-in extensions. The length is 22″.

What is the Cost of Hair Extensions?

The cost of hair extensions depends on if you would like to extend your length of if you would like to get a little volume added. In other words, how much hair do you need and what length would you like? Also, what type of extensions will we be using? I-tip extensions are a little more expensive than tape ins. With tape ins, they costs a little less to be installed and you can wear them one extra time. Also, if your hair is thick and your extending length you will need a lot of hair.

As you can see it is hard to quote a price without knowing a little something about the individual. What I can say is that most people wear 18″ extensions. These extensions come down past the middle of their back and blend well with the natural hair. A full head of tape ins, installed in medium textured hair, uses approximately 4 packs of extensions. Studio 229 Hair Salon doesn’t charge a markup on the hair. The cost is $99 a pack plus tax for a total of $440.00. Keep in mind, this is the cost for the hair only and approximate. The cost for installation is $250.00 In 18″ i-tips, 6 packs are needed for a full head on medium textured hair. At $69 a pack + beads $40, and tax = 494.00 for the hair only. The cost for installation is $150.00 an hour. It takes about 2 1/2 hours four a total of $375. Hair blending is a service that is done complementary as a part of the extension application.


Keep in mind that this is for the first application. Extensions must be maintained in order to look amazing so it is best to plan for costs in your long range budget. It is best to  find an amazing extension expert to apply and care for your extensions. A stylists who has a lot of experience and training will serve you well.

Studio 229 Hair Salon is an industry leader in the art of hair extensions. Here is another blog focusing on hair extensions:

Getting Perfect Hair Extensions

Here is Studio 229’s Hair extension page: Seattle Hair Extensions

We are located here: contact

If interested we do free consultations to answer any more questions you may have regarding extensions, color matching, length or to give you an individual quote.

Thank you


Getting Perfect Hair Extensions

Getting Perfect Hair Extensions

To get the perfect hair extensions you must figure out what type of extensions are best suited for you. There are several different types of hair extensions. For example, there are I-tips, tape-ins and ones that are actually glued to your hair (Keratin). Deciding on which kind is bested suited for you is important because the wrong type can be very damaging. Sometimes a combination is best. For example, if you have fine hair on the sides and thicker in the back it is often best to put tape in on the back and i-tips on the sides.

Matching the type of hair extensions best suited for your hair also depends on the desired length. This is because types of extensions fall differently and have different looks. For example, the i-tips are applied in a horseshoe section and are smaller in diameter. They often work better on people with finer hair or people who wear their hair up a lot.

The thinner strands of the extensions are great for fine hair.

The tape-in extensions tend to work a little better on people with thicker hair. The keratin extensions work best if your hair short. This is because it is easier to build a base. Also, if your hair is shorter and you are trying to extend the length you may need to wear it layered in order to blend your hair with the extensions in order to make it look natural.

Figuring out which technique of hair extensions is perfect for you requires a consultation. Not only can a qualified stylist can tell you what type of extensions are best suited for your texture of hair, there is also the color match to consider. I highly recommend having the same stylist color your hair and do the extensions. There are several reasons for this. But the main reason is that, your stylist knows exactly what color of extensions s/he is using and can match the color easier than someone not doing the extensions.

The former Ed Wyse (now Basset Beauty Supply) carries a really great brand of hair extensions called Babe Extensions. They are open to the public and have several locations all over the city.

You can always pop by there and check out their hair. Don’t buy it though as I get a discount on it and do not charge you a markup. I will get it for you at cost.

If you are in the market for the perfect hair extensions you can read a bit more on our website.

Consultations are always free, we can do a color match and I will help you decide what type of extensions are best suited for your hair texture and length. I hope this has been helpful. Feel free to call the salon or book online




Amazing Hair Extensions in Brown Red colored Babe Hair Extensions

Are you Ready for Hair Extensions?

In this blog I will attempt to answer many of your question about hair extensions. Hair extensions not only add length to your hair but they will also add fullness. If your hair is very short (1-4 inches) it is best to let your hair grow a bit before putting in hair extensions or at least know that your hair should only be extended about 4 inches as a good rule of thumb for short hair. The reason being is that if you extend the hair to far beyond that it will not blend well and not look natural. The whole idea is to make your hair look longer, and thicker while making it look natural.

If your hair is longer, lets say shoulder length than it is okay to extend your hair as long as you would like. This is because it is easy to blend the extension hair with your hair by layering the extension hair in with your hair to get a natural look. Here is an example:
before and after hair extensions
The type of extensions that we use here at Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa are called I-Tip hair extensions. We like this type of extension because it is the least damaging to the hair. There are several other methods to apply extensions such as bonding however we believe that bonding is very damaging to the hair because it uses glue. Hair designers will tell you it is a peptide made of the same thing that your hair is made out of. However, it is glue. When you go to have that method tightened and they have to take them out they have to use acetone to break down the glue. You lose a lot of your own hair. The exact thing you are trying to avoid.
The other common method is tape. The adhesive in tape is also damaging to the hair. It is also a glue substance. This form of extensions is probably the cheapest for most stylist only charge around $100 for application and tightening. However again, it is very damaging so if you one day want to wear your real hair again beware of the consequences and balding that will occur.
The least damaging is the I-Tip method. This method is applied in a horse shoe pattern in the back of the head so that it flows like the natural hair would:
i tip extensions
The sides of the extensions are applied in a rounded up and down pattern. These patterns create a flow to the extensions that make the hair look as natural as possible. Color matching is done before the extensions are applied and most clients are so happy with their new long, thick gorgeous hair that they dance out of the salon with the biggest ear to ear grins that one has ever seen.

If you are thinking about getting extensions consultations are always free at studio 229. Give us a call at (206)322-6325

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