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Hair Salon Definitions

Hair Salon Definitions


Have you ever felt like you need a special dictionary to understand hair salon definitions? Most of us know what a pixie or bob haircut is but the word texture gets used to describe both haircuts and color. Wait, what? Words like balayage and foilayage are hard enough to pronounce let alone understand. Well, let’s set the record straight and define these hair salon terms in a clear, easy to understand salon definitions list.

Color Hair Salon Definitions

All over color: #color Hair color, either permanent or Demi permanent that is applied to all of the hair. The color can either go darker or lighter depending on the volume of peroxide used.

Peroxide:  #peroxide Peroxide activates the hair color.  Peroxide also opens the cuticle of each hair follicle in order for the hair to accept the hair color.

Glaze: #glaze A glaze is a Demi permanent all over hair color that has no ammonia. The peroxide is very low and therefore can only deposit color or make your hair darker. It can also be used to tone hair. It also has a lot of conditioning qualities.

Rose gold glaze over a balayage

Foil #foil A foil is the sectioning and then weaving of small strands of hair to achieve a multi-dimensional look.

Highlight #highlight A highlight is basically the same as a foil where the stylist weaves sections of hair for a dimensional look.

Highlight with a couple of colors added. A toner was applied for refinement.

Toner: #toner A toner is used after your hair has been lightened to refine the hair color and make it look amazing.

Foilayage #foilayage (foil- lee- ayge) A foilayage gives the same look as a balayage but is put into foil because the hair is either too dark or has previously been colored. The foils keep the lightner moist and hold in heat. Therefore the hair comes up lighter.

Balayage #balayage (ba.- lee –ayge) A balayage hair color is hand painted and blended by the stylist physically. Therefore the growout is natural because there is a less of a distinct line between the two colors.


Balayage was done a couple of times to get this light on the ends. She has dark hair color on the roots to cover gray.

Bleach and tone #bleachandtone  Bleach is applied all over one’s head and then a toner is applied to refine the color.

Bleach and tone on top. Added a couple extensions for a splash of color

Semi-permanent hair color/fashion hair color. #fashioncolors  The hair must be pre lightened or bleached in order for the colors to take.

Pre-lightened hair. Custom mixed hair color of pinks and silver to achieve a slightly mauve color


Oh, texture to describe both haircut and color? I won’t leave you hanging. When used to describe a haircut it’s the movement created by cutting shorter hairs throughout. With color, it’s the amount of dimensional different colors. Often they compliment each other. But wait, there’s one more definition. Texture also refers to the amount of curl or the weight in your hair. It’s where the strands of your hair create shape. This is why having the right stylist is so important. A seasoned stylist understands how to create balance and weight in both your color and haircut. This will help you maintain your hair and your hair will grow out nicer.

If you are in need of a good stylist we at studio 229 would love to meet you. Here is a link to our contact page.

Booking online is an easy alternative:

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What’s up with Broadway?


What’s up with Broadway?

Capitol Hill Seattle

Honestly, being a small business owner, my perspective of Broadway isn’t all that different than the community I serve. Light rail has been open for almost two years now

and although it’s amazing, I don’t think that it warrants the increase in rents that landlords thought it would. Hence, all the for lease spaces. Perhaps, get a clue, and lower rents since even chains like Einsten’s bagels, that seemed busy, can’t seem to generate enough profit to stay in long-term leases. I don’t know I’m certainly not an expert on property management. But something’s seriously wrong.

Broadway Capitol Hill Seattle

The thing is though, light rail has made it a literal 2 minute ride to or from downtown or to the U district. It is so convenient that the city has raised Capitol Hill parking to 10pm. They say it is good for businesses! It is working for people who live in on or near Capitol Hill in Seattle to go car less. This concept is great for climate change. However, if you do not live on a bus line and want to come have dinner on the Hill, or get a haircut, I suggest downloading the Pay to Park App. for ease. However, because there is a 2 hour limit pay at the pay station on the street and take note of the number and take a picture of your license plate. Then refill time on the app. Wala, 4 hours. Loophole!

Although you may find the Pike/Pine corridor a bit more lively, this is because it is closer to town, landlords haven’t anticipated increased foot traffic because of light rail, and increased rents; and Broadway, and the surrounding area, is more residential. However, getting to Broadway is a bit easier because of light rail.

The residential trend will continue on Broadway as the construction is scheduled to start in 2018 on five new buildings adjacent to the light rail project and Cal Anderson Park. There will also be a Broadway Plaza. Here is a link to that project published in the Capitol Hill Blog.

Okay, it doesn’t seem that even with new construction and 427 more units scheduled that there is a too big of chance that North Capitol Hill, will fill all these retail spaces, especially since more are coming. Construction won’t even be done till about 2020. Unless there is some changes, personally I think that 427 units is not going to  make that big of a deal 3 years from now. Hope I’m wrong. Unless the city, landlords and businesses work together to create viable and affordable spaces that can work for the public the trend of for lease spaces will continue on Broadway.

Well for now there is plenty of good restaurants, hair salons and another new walk-in clinic going in where Charlie’s was (In case you’re too sick to walk 2 blocks).

After talking to 4-6 clients and friends per day, they give me reviews of their favorite restaurants up here!  I had dinner at a Malaysian one the other night and the food was A-mazing! Here is a link to there web sight

The prices were great too! And the drinks were special and had flavours that were new to me. There was a slight wait (around 25 minutes) but worth it.

Another great spot to hit up for breakfast or lunch is Cafe Solstice. There is a laid back vibe there and good sandwiches, ales, baked goods, coffee and music.

Okay, I will plug my business too with a link and let you decide for yourself as we are definitely one of the premier salons on Capitol Hill.

We specialize in hair color, keratin treatments and extensions and try our very best to please you. Consultations are always free if you’re in the market for a new stylist! We also offer sugaring and spa services from my girl Cecilia so you can have both done at the same place for convenience. (206)322-6325 is the phone number or we have online booking:

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Are you Ready for Hair Extensions?

In this blog I will attempt to answer many of your question about hair extensions. Hair extensions not only add length to your hair but they will also add fullness. If your hair is very short (1-4 inches) it is best to let your hair grow a bit before putting in hair extensions or at least know that your hair should only be extended about 4 inches as a good rule of thumb for short hair. The reason being is that if you extend the hair to far beyond that it will not blend well and not look natural. The whole idea is to make your hair look longer, and thicker while making it look natural.

If your hair is longer, lets say shoulder length than it is okay to extend your hair as long as you would like. This is because it is easy to blend the extension hair with your hair by layering the extension hair in with your hair to get a natural look. Here is an example:
before and after hair extensions
The type of extensions that we use here at Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa are called I-Tip hair extensions. We like this type of extension because it is the least damaging to the hair. There are several other methods to apply extensions such as bonding however we believe that bonding is very damaging to the hair because it uses glue. Hair designers will tell you it is a peptide made of the same thing that your hair is made out of. However, it is glue. When you go to have that method tightened and they have to take them out they have to use acetone to break down the glue. You lose a lot of your own hair. The exact thing you are trying to avoid.
The other common method is tape. The adhesive in tape is also damaging to the hair. It is also a glue substance. This form of extensions is probably the cheapest for most stylist only charge around $100 for application and tightening. However again, it is very damaging so if you one day want to wear your real hair again beware of the consequences and balding that will occur.
The least damaging is the I-Tip method. This method is applied in a horse shoe pattern in the back of the head so that it flows like the natural hair would:
i tip extensions
The sides of the extensions are applied in a rounded up and down pattern. These patterns create a flow to the extensions that make the hair look as natural as possible. Color matching is done before the extensions are applied and most clients are so happy with their new long, thick gorgeous hair that they dance out of the salon with the biggest ear to ear grins that one has ever seen.

If you are thinking about getting extensions consultations are always free at studio 229. Give us a call at (206)322-6325

Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa is the best in Seattle

I am compelled to do some bragging today. There has been so many clients leaving Studio 229 Hair Design with hair styles and hair colors that are on the cutting edge of the fashion trends of our industry that it is hard to fathom. First, let me tell you a little about our establishment. We were founded in 1990 by this really cool chick named De Anna. 

 We are located in the vibrant and eclectic city center of Broadway on Capitol Hill. In the past 20 years we have experienced many changes and improvements. Being so close to all of the happenings, we have always been able to keep up with the latest trends and over the last 20 years there has been many of them. We are known for our ability to think outside the box when it comes to expert hair color; for our innovative and creative hair cuts; for our attention to detail when it comes to customer service. What sets us apart from other salons is our passion for what we do. We do not mind coming in early, leaving late, going out to pay for your parking just to name a couple of things.  We often go out for drinks with each other only to talk about how excited we are about something we did that day or to brain storm a hair color that is coming in the next day. Simply put: the hair designers love hair and the skin specialist love skin. We live eat and breath to create, design and innovate.  We strive to be our best. In all the 20 years I have been at Studio 229 Hair design, my best staff is right now. Let me introduce you:

luis This is Luis. He formally worked at 7. He brings several years of advanced training and an edgy style to Studio 229. He specializes in balancing hair cuts to your face shape and enhancing natural hair color tones.  Luis loves matching hair color to one’s skin and eye color. He is friendly, stoic and charming.

MarissaThis is Marissa. Formerly from New York, Vegas and L.A. She brings pure innovation, expertise and style to Studio 229  Hair Design and Spa. Marissa has several years of advanced training and experience. She specializes in multi-dimensional hair color and personalized hair cuts with modern shapes and natural movement. Marissa has a delightful demeanour and knows how to add  those special touches that define customer service.

 Trina McKinstryThis is Trina. Formerly the lead esthetician of a 5 star resort. Trina brings a passion for skin care with her attention to healthy lifestyle as an overall regimen for skin, life and mind. Trina has always stood apart from her peers paying special attention and striving for excellence. She specializes in Microderm treatments and Chemical Peels. Trina has a contagious smile, a sensuous touch and a heart of gold.

These are the three main staff members besides myself. It is hard to write about yourself though. I will add a link to myself. The other people that you see on the web  site are part time employees.

Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa employees strive to keep up on the newest techniques and innovations in the industry.  We are constantly persuing education opportunities and striving to improve. Our philosphy is that there is always room to grow, and learn at work and in life. I am very proud of the growth that my staff has achieved. May they stay humble in their future innovation.

Studio 229 adds a Spa

We a Studio 229 in Seattle have added a full-service Spa to all of our hair services. We are now doing awesome facials as well as full-body waxing including the very famous brazillian wax. We are proud to have a new esthetician: Mosk, performing these spa services. Check out our web site at Can’t wait to see you all there!

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