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Thinking of Cutting Your Hair Mid-Length?

Thinking of Cutting Your Hair Mid-Length?

It seems that at one point or another we all have gone from longish hair to mid-length hair. Maybe we are even considering something a little shorter for the New Year! Going shorter can feel like shedding the old to make way for something new.

Mid-Length haircuts don’t require as much commitment. After all, you can still wear your hair up. You still get the benefits of faster blow drying, heat styling, and less product. Plus, if you end up thinking that long hair suits you better, growing it back out is relatively painless.

Although it is always tempting to go for a new look, please consider the mid-length haircut for awhile first. Although these cuts are fantastic, it will take awhile for you to grow your haircut back out. According to Wikipedia  human hair grows about 6 inches per month.

There are some really cute photos of mid-length hair out there. Hair color looks amazing with it too. I love it waved with a curling iron. When you get a moment, browse Google for some looks! Here are a couple of before and afters that I have done recently.

Here is the before:

And the after, she is still able to put up her hair.

Styling mid-length hair can be a lot of fun too! Rather than wearing it straight, or cutting it more one length, like the person above, you could either go a little shorter, more layered and curl it a bit.

One of Studio 229’s top selling products is called Puff Me.


Puff Me also comes in a white bottle which is there light formula. It retails for $19.95, adds a ton of body and kinda feels like a dry shampoo, but stickier.

I also wanted to show you some pretty mid-length hair with color:

Hair Mid-length

If you are looking for something new and are considering a mid-length (or shorter) I would love to help you out. My name is DeAnna and I love doing both haircuts and hair color. I look forward to hearing from you!

Embrace Winter with Rich Hair Color

Embrace winter rich hair color. Rich hair color helps everyone embrace winter blues. With Winter upon us here in “sunny” Seattle we at Studio 229 Hair Salon believe it’s important to stay in great spirits this holiday season and the sometimes gloomy months to come any way you can. With our lack of sun, it is easy to feel a little blah. A great way to fight off those winter blues and update your look is with a richer or deeper hair color. A lot of people like to go darker for the winter but don’t know a good way to do it in a low commitment way. We are here to help.

Two great ways to go deeper for the season are low-lights (reverse highlighting) or a semi-permanent glaze.

Low-lighting is a foiling process done by weaving a deeper or richer hair color through the hair. This is sometimes referred to as reverse highlighting because instead of foiling with a lighter color we are depositing (not lifting) color for a darker tone. This creates shadows and dimension in the hair giving depth. You can use warm or cool colors depending on your preference.

If you already have light hair foiling in a warmer color a few shades darker can really update your look for winter


adding cool toned low-lights creates a more chocolate-y look perfect for winter months

Another great way to add depth to your hair for winter is with a glaze. A glaze is a sheer, semi-permanent color applied all over the hair. At Studio 229 we use Redken Shades EQ for this process. It’s a great color that conditions and adds incredible shine. Being a semi-permanent hair color, it will fade gradually without leaving a harsh line at the roots during grow-out. It is also ammonia free and non-damaging. It is best to stay a only a few shades darker for a natural look.

a glaze a few shades darker will add richness and incredible shine to the hair


Emma Stone’s hair is glazed with a warm apricot color to give her hair a boost of warmth and shine

Come into Studio 229 Hair Salon in Capitol Hill, Seattle for a free consultation and we can help you decide which hair color process will be right for you this winter.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Trend watch: rose, mauves and lilacs

Trend watch: rose, mauves lilacs studio 229 Trend watch: rose, mauves lilacs studio 229 Trend watch rose mauves and lilacs: (studio 229)

So back in April when we went to the Label m. hair show here in Seattle one of the trends that caught our eye was the use of this lovely rosy mauve hair color, kind of a faded muted pink. The results were super flattering, edgy but subtle and feminine. We knew this trend would catch on and no surprise to us lots of celebs are recently seen sporting this color recently.

Trend watch: rose, mauves lilacs studio 229

Trend watch: rose, mauves lilacs studio 229

Katy Perry at the VMAs with her new pink hair

Kelly Osbourne is lovely in mauve and lilac tones

Kelly Osbourne is lovely in mauves and lilac tones

Rihanna in a lilac hair color

Another great way to wear this color without doing your whole head is on ombre hair. A great way to change up the ombre do you may already have, why not add some dip dyed pinks to the already lightened ends to add a punch of color? We love this look!

pretty faded rose ombre

Dip dyed rose

gorgeous mauve ombre on dark hair

Pink isn’t just for punks or little girls anymore. Not with these modern looks. Pink also washes out over time so don’t be afraid to just go for it! Come see us at Studio 229 for the perfect shade of rose or mauve!

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