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Around the World Haircuts

Around the World Haircuts


Around the world there are some amazing things happening with hair. I’m not gonna lie. If I want to keep up with what is really happening in the world of hair, I have to do my research. Sure, continuing my education is important, but due diligence is a must. There are many places that I find out what is going to be hot here in Seattle next season; because, it takes about a year for use to catch up with Europe. I can look at an Italian Vogue, see what is happening with millenials on the streets of Paris and London. Models that strut their stuff down Milan’s high fashion runways often have magnificent hair too.

Paris, France

In Paris long layers that softly frame your face are very “french” right now because they are easy and effortless. “It works so well because it’s multi-functional, low maintenance, and enables you to wear it your own way,” hairstylist Sam Burnett, owner and creative director of Hare & Bonetold us. “You can move it forward to frame your face or tuck it back to open up your features. It essentially offers a 2-in-1 cut without the maintenance of a full fringe.”

This beautiful girl has the quintessential French girl cut. That is, soft layering that allows your natural texture to air-dry perfectly (slaving over your hair is so not French) and, of course, effortlessly-windswept, long bangs.

Melbourne, Australia

Let it be known that Australia has a high-end hair scene. I love Insta-stalking Melbourne’s Salon XVI to source cool haircut inspiration from the land Down Under. The Aussie salon does blond, balayage, and crazy color transformations — but when it come to cuts, it’s all about a shiny finish and sharp ends. Even when they curl the hair they use a straightening iron to straighten the ends and show off the blunt ends. For them it is all about the bluntness.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Famous for birthing the Scandi wave, hairstylist Nicci Welsh knows about the haircuts trending in Denmark — because she’s setting them. “There is a big trend right now for curls and embracing your natural texture,” she says. Welsh tells us that more designers are embracing individualism, choosing models with a wide array of textures, which is inspiring the cuts.

So why are people taking their curls shorter now? “In spring we saw more big, curly styles,” Welsh explains. “This has led to the curly bob being the sought after cut of the moment.” Så sjovt! (So fun!)

Seattle, United States

Around the world and back home! We love our Lob (long bob) because it grows out back to our long hair and beachy waves that we can curl or straighten. I think the thing that Americans love so much about their hair is the versatility of being able to wear their hair straight one day and the next curl it. What is trending globally is a desire to wear more of a natural look that requires less maintenance. This is the main difference that I see between the U.S. and the other countries. I believe that the trend of cutting the hair so that it falls into the best possible style with the least possible maintenance is already here.

Short Haircuts

Wearing Short Haircuts

Exercise #1: Tell Your Mother to go to hell.

Not in the literal sense.  Write it down. All those negative comments about how you should wear your hair. Tell her how you really feel. The point isn’t to hurt her, but to help you. Then get rid of it.  AND the ugly voice inside of your head. Now that you’re free, let’s get to business.

Exercise #2 Own your short haircut

There are many amazing short haircuts that can look great on all head shapes and facial structures. The key is to pick the correct one for your specific head shape and facial structure. Although you may be one of the lucky ones, who can wear anything, not everyone is. Check out this lovely lucky one:

Fashionable designer collection with the use of metal wire. Avant-garde style. Futurism.

Notice how the lines of her hair and her bone structure are in sync. Simply beautiful.

Not everyone can wear their hair like this. However there are a lot of short hairstyles that one can wear: modified pixie, modified wedge, layered short bob. Keep in mind that all haircuts can be modified to fit your face/head shape.

Let’s take a look at some haircuts. Starting with a classic pixie, and moving on to longer haircuts will give you some ideas of how you may want to wear your hair.


Another resource for the classic pixie can be found here:

The pixie is the shortest other than shaved sides. So let’s look at something with a little more length on top.

Notice how despite this girl’s larger nose she can still wear this cute shorter cut. Yes, I said it. Doesn’t mean she isn’t adorable! Personally though I think the sides would look better tightened up a tad.

This one is a bit more “wedge” like:

(I’m not sure what’s going on with her shirt)

This one above is cute too but I also think that modifying the back and taking it “in” a bit would be nice.

If you are growing out your short haircut the natural progression seems to be a bob. This is because it develops some weight at the bottom of your hair line. Also, consider adding some hair color to your short haircut. It just keeps things snazzy. Check out these layered modified bobs:

Don’t be afraid to shave underneath. We hear at Studio 229 do free maintenance haircuts in between your haircut in order to keep that up for you. We also offer online booking at Hope to see you soon!

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