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Highlights on Your Hair

Highlights on Your Hair

Highlights on your hair are a great way to add some dimension. Even if you have a balayage right now, highlights create a little blending between your balayage and the root area. I love to put a couple of babylights around the face to refresh a balayage and then paint some lightener on the ends. This is a really quick way to refresh things and brighten a hair color that has gotten dull with time. Add a nice toner over the top and wala — perfection.



She still has her beautiful balayage but now she also has dimensional hair color all the way to the top. Her hair will grow out well and she can come in in 2-3 months if she would like and get her roots touched up with a partial highlight or she can bump her base a little and go for more of a balayage look. Either way the maintenance is minimal for someone who wears their hair this blonde.

Granted her natural color is pretty light. Consider staying a more caramel color if you are looking for low maintenance and you have dark hair. You can still get the same great look. It will probably look better on your skin tone too as people with dark hair tend to have a darker skin tone that looks better with keeping the hair a little bit warmer. Although I have seen all sorts of colors on all skin tones and am surprised at what people pull off. It’s all about your personal style.

For example this pretty lady had black hair color on her hair. She wanted to go ash blonde. After her second appointment we finally got her to an ash blonde and got most of the orange out of her ends. We did a balayage on her but put it in foils to keep the heat in and bring up the color. Of course we used the bond multiplyer, #Olaplex to keep her hair healthy. Although she is part Jamaican, so she has darker skin, this blonde hair looks very good on her.

Olaplex keeps your hair healthy while lightening:

I highly recommend it.


Winter highlights

Winter Highlights 

Highlights in the winter are different from other seasons in that they tend to be a bit cooler, a bit darker, and not as vibrant. Even if you are a natural blonde think about adding some low-lights or perhaps an ash color blonde in the winter to go with your more subdued wardrobe. We here at Studio 229 Hair Design love doing highlights (or lowlights) but want to stress that there is a difference between the way the sun hits your hair depending on the season. Don’t worry about going a little darker or cooler in the winter with your highlights. You will still have the dimension that you seek with the highlights and the color will fade with time. In the Spring you will be able to go lighter again if you wish. Here is a photo cooler blonde:

Fashion portrait of elegant lady on black background with cool blonde hair


Toning the hair gives the hair a more refined look and will give the hair just that: the tone. You will get 3-4 weeks from your toner. Therefore, the cool tone will only last 3-4 weeks. However you should be able to come back in and get the toner touched up for a minimal fee (about $45). This is the cost of a blow out. Your hair will still look good without the toner but it will not have the same ashy look. If it is going into spring, it may be better to let it go more towards its brighter color. By the way, a toner is not damaging on your hair.

If interested in talking about your hair for any season please feel free to contact studio 229! We would  love to consult with you. Matching hair with skin tone, eyes and season, as well as lifestyle is my thing. Here are some links to other blogs about hair color too if you want to keep reading….



Healthy bleached lightened foiled hair — Olaplex

Healthy bleached lightened foiled hair- olaplex! If you are thinking about lighting, bleaching, or foiling your hair please use olaplex. It is a new technological advancement that has made the hair industry made it possible to bleach fine hair without damaging the hair. This treatment  is added to the bleach or lightener. It is very exciting to us hair designers. It works by  taking the bonds of your hair and makes them stronger. which are broken down by the peroxide developer so that your hair is now “open” to receive color or bleach. This breaking down causes them to become single sulfur-hydrogen bonds. Once the oxygen bonds from the peroxide  start to react with these new, much weaker bonds, they more often than not cause a negative chain reaction. Then the proteins in your hair to be eaten away which means your hair can get dryer than before the service.  That’s why bleach is sometimes damaging. Olaplex links together the broken bonds created by chemical processing in your hair which prevents damage from ever happening. For stylists,  this means double processing on the same day without worry and for clients this means having bleached hair that does not feel  dry after a bleach service but instead feels soft and luscious.  Olaplex literally seals the bonds of the hair. There is never been anything like this in the hair industry. Ever.

bleach blog

This means we can take black hair and make it white, fine hair and make it blonde as we want, the possibilities are endless. New doors have opened and we are so excited! Is there a hair color that you have always wanted and could not have? That may have changed.

bleach blog 2               bleach blog 3                bleach blog5

Not only are we able to get dark hair lighter but we can also lighten fine hair without breaking or damaging it. This also keeps the hair shiny and smooth after a color or bleach process because Olaplex actually acts as a bonding agent that reseals the cuticle layer of the hair. It is the most advanced revolutionary additive that has come across the professional hair design scene in 50 years. We will now be using it on almost everyone who want their hair to have this shinier healthier effect. One should note that if you would like Olaplex added into your formulation there will be an added charge for it is a very expensive product. The hair seems as if it has not been bleached:

bleach blog4        bleach blog6     bleachblog7

We will be happy to consult with you about this lightning process or any of your hair needs. Feel free to call the salon at 206-322-6325 for a consultation and speak with DeAnna our color coordinator. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have.

Healthy Bleached Lightened Foiled Hair olaplex



Fall Hair Color 2014

Fall hair has finally arrived here in Seattle and the leaves are changing colors here on Broadway on Capitol Hill at Studio 229 Hair Design.


We are excited because that means that many people are choosing to take their summer lightened hair color a little darker for fall hair fun. Many people are wanting to take their hair color a little more chocolate brown and some people are wanting to take their hair color a little more red but still keep their highlights. Here are a couple examples of all over hair color with foils in between the color:

chocolatebrown                                                        redhair

Other clients are wanting to do what is called a balayage. This differs from an ombre in that more than just the ends of the hair are painted or highlighted. What is nice about this technique of hair color is that the hair grows out without a line of demarcation. Usually clients come in about every 4 months to get their hair color touched up when going with this technique in comparison to every 2-3 months when going with traditional highlights. Here are a couple examples of a balayage done well:

bayalage2                                                                               bayalage3

Please check out our Facebook page at Studio 229 hair Design and Spa for more recent works. Both DeAnna Picinich and Ashley Ridley are accomplished and talented hair colorist that can assist you in deciding which of these techniques would be best suited for your lifestyle, hair texture and skin tone. Also, consultations are always free of charge if you are still deciding, and just want an experts opinion! Online booking is available at or call the salon at 206-322-6325 to set up an appointment for a great new look and/or consultation!

Juice up your summer color with a glaze

Summer color is better with a glaze. Fun in the sun can take a toll on your hair color. Highlights can turn brassy or too gold and hair can lose it’s shine due to sun or water exposure. A simple fix to tone those locks and put some shine back into the hair is get a glaze. A lot of people are not familiar with the term glaze. Essentially a glaze is a conditioning, sheer, semi-permanent color. Our color experts at Studio 229 use Redken Shades EQ for this. –A tried and true hair color and a favorite of our stylists.

Since it is sheer it is a great way to add some color without covering up the dimension from highlights or even to blend gray! Adding a glaze over gray will blend it, rather than fully cover it. Turning your grays into soft and shiny “highlights”. You can add rich copper tones to add warmth or cool tones to reduce brassiness. The choice is yours. The color will gradually fade out over the course of several months (generally about three) without leaving a line at the roots like permanent color will. Since the color is “deposit only” meaning it doesn’t lighten hair, it is ammonia free and non-damaging to the hair.

Anne Hathaway has a gorgeous honey glaze over her highlights

So indulge your locks in a glossy hair color and spruce up your summer do. Stop by for a free consultation and we will show you swatches to suit your eye color, skin tone and enhance your hair color!
Stay cool Seattle!

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