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Highlights with Color in Between

Highlights, Color studio 229

We at Studio 229 often get asked to do hair color that covers up the gray hair and adds some highlights. A lot of times that requires that we do foils and then put color in between the foils to cover up the gray hair. Sometimes we may even put color over the hair that was in the foils to add an extra sparkle to the hair color. This process can take up to three hours. The color that is in between the foils is not always to cover the gray hair but sometimes it is to lighten the hair color or simply because someone just wants a different hair color. Although the process takes a long time it is done because the client wants a drastic difference in their hair color. I am always a bit surprised when a client comes in and wants a service like this performed and thinks that it should only cost $50.00. A service that takes 3 hours of time and requires that much product will set you back around $160.00 even if you are just getting your roots touched up.

The one thing that you can be sure of is that your hair will look nice.

Both of these girls have all over color with color in between their foils. Although the upkeep requires more maintenance, as you can see, the hair color is beautiful. The upkeep is every 6-8 weeks. We at Studio 229 will sometimes do the highlights in one appointment and then do the all over color in the next appointment, doing highlights every other appointment. This gives our clients a bit of a price break. Check out some of our earlier blogs at We love to do hair color! It is one of our favorite things to do for we find it to be so creative.

Highlights, Color studio 229

Highlights, Color studio 229

Highlights, Color studio 229

Art Represents Life — Hair is Art

Hair art. Some say I am talented at what I do. If I am a people person, which I consider myself to be, than I should be interested enough in you to to find out what sort of lifestyle you lead. I guess some would call this a consultation. At least part of a consultation. Sure there are other aspects to it. I understand that some people do not really care that much how there hair looks but wouln’t it be nice that when they look in the mirror after not brushing it all day it just layed right anyway? It just had a little more shine? Wouldn’t they start to care? If they noticed a difference from one hair cut to another based on their lifestyle or the choice they made in who cut their hair. Maybe they don’t care because their haircut has always looked like crap. I guess it is easier not to care. I could go on and on easing you into how if your not made to do hair get out. People or so called hair designers don’t. You as a consumer have a choice.

Highlightes have taken a downturn and many clients are choosing all over color or balayage color. This is just one more example. Just stay away from Rite Aid, Fred Meyer or wherever else you want to purchase box color. It will usual end up to be a disaster and cost you the bucks to fix it. Balayage hair color is a nice choice of hair color because it hides the grow out for a longer period. If done correctly many clients for a whole year in between hair colors.

Hair art hair art hair art

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