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Long Layered Hair Cuts

Long layered hair cuts are in. I mean when is beautiful sexy hair really out right? But more than ever we are seeing luscious beautiful locks everywhere we look. Hair cuts with long layers can be easy and bohemian, with soft waves; sleek and edgy with sharper edges, or just lovely and flowing, with nice blended layers.

Megan Fox in gorgeous long layers

Layers in hair are the perfect way to keep long, thick hair manageable or a way to give thin, lifeless hair a lift.
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the best way to keep hair long and looking great is to get regular trims. Afraid your “trim” will turn into a more than you’d wanted off? Find a stylist you TRUST. Getting just a teeny bit (less than a half an inch) regularly (every 6 weeks or so) is the best way to keep your hair long with the ends fraying. Once the ends fray, more needs to be cut off and you back where you started. Most stars get these teensy trims instead of full haircuts every couple weeks.
Lots of texture with a fringe
Stop into Studio 299 today and find the perfect layered hair cut for your hair type!

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