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Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner is Here!

Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner is Here!


Olaplex Shampoo and conditioner has arrived at Studio 229. We love this patented product and the results that it has on the hair. It keeps all hair healthy, shiny and looking fabulous! The shampoo smells a bit like grapefruit, yet not overpowering. The conditioner, is more subtle in the aroma but it is super thick. I already love the luxurious feel of what is shaping up to be the best shampoo and conditioner on the market.

If you are curious about this amazing hair product please check out their company website at There you can find videos and so much more regarding the usage of Olaplex.

Here at Studio 229 we use Olaplex #1 on all of our lightening treatments because it literally eliminates 90% of the damage caused by bleach. Here is a couple of articles written a couple of years ago regarding the effects of the treatment:

If you already have lightened hair keeping it healthy is very important; therefore, the company made a take home treatment for you. It is the #3. Now with the shampoo and conditioner you are all set to have a full regimen of bond multiplying strengthening hair hydration ready for you.

The bottles of shampoo and conditioner come in 8.5 ounces and retail for $28.00. Here  is what they look like:




These products are hard to keep on the shelf. However, if you would like us to hold one for you for no more than 24 hours we will be happy to do so. Orders have been coming in every other day or so. Give us a call at 206-322-6325 to put yours on hold or just stop by and pick these up.
They are not available many places and we are doing our best to keep them in stock.





Olaplex at Studio 229

Studio 229 Uses Olaplex

Olaplex at Studio 229 has became a staple. When lightening one’s hair, Olaplex has become the most  important ingredient of all time and is truly revolutionary  to prevent breakage and maintain the integrity of the hair, that Studio 229 recommends that ALL clients use Olaplex. Since the product has now been on the market for about two years we have found some creative ways to use Olaplex that work better than even we could have ever imagined.  If you are new to the product, let me give you a quick run down to the amazing product first, then I will introduce you to some of the benefits of why Olaplex is so important when lightening your hair, and then I will tell you some of the creative ways in which I, Deanna have found it to work even better than how the directions recommend if you are battling dry or extremely chemically treated hair.

Olaplex is a three part treatment that multiples the bonds of your hair. The first part of the treatment is added to the lightener to begin to rebuild the bonds while they are being broke down.

Step 2 is basically a deep conditioner that is applied at the salon after the lightener is rinsed out. Like step #3, it must be shampooed out to prevent limp hair. Usually at the salon it is left on about ten minutes and then shampooed out. I have found that if this step is skipped the hair cuticle is open at this point, so the conditioner can really soak up the bond multiplier. I made the mistake of skipping this step on my own hair and really noticed the difference.

Step 3 is a take home product and can be purchased at Studio 229 for $28.00. I recommend using Olaplex step 3 once a week according to the direction but will also tell you some creative ways to use it. Since Olaplex is a bond multiplier, and split ends are a problem especially on fine and chemically treated hair, I recommend putting a very small amount onto your ends and leaving it there. I have found that doing so bonds those split ends together and really makes your hair feel and look healthy. This can be done twice a week and blown dry right into the hair. I have had great results doing this on even the finest of hair without weighing the hair down.

Although Olaplex #3 seems like a small bottle it really last a long time. There is no need to use a large amount. A little goes a long way. Although my hair is rather fine one of these small bottles last me about 4 months. Remember I am only using the product once a week and then using about a pea size on my ends twice a week. Sometimes if I’m not going anywhere on the weekend I will leave the once a week treatment in all day and night and just shampoo the next morning for an added extra treatment. Here are some pictures of people who’s hair Studio 229 has lightened using Olaplex:

                                      Studio 229 Uses Olaplex              

Studio 229 Uses Olaplex

Studio 229 Uses Olaplex

You get the point. As you can see most of these clients have naturally very dark hair. I pulled these photos from our facebook page:
Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa and there are several more on there of people who have gotten their hair lightened here using Olaplex and are also using it at home to keep their hair healthy.

So whether you choose to let me, Deanna lighten your locs,  or go somewhere else, please use Olaplex!


Olaplex and Hair lightening Treatment is Recommended when Bleaching your Hair

Olaplex Hair lightening

Once upon a time at your local upscale salon there was a girl who would dream of shiney  golden blonde tresses that would glimmer in the sun. However her natural locs were thin and fine. Furthermore they were dark and bleaching them caused breakage, frizzes so eventually her dreams and hair were both broken. One sunny afternoon there was a white Box that came with a strange name who introduced itself: It was Olaplex Hair Lightening treatment.

“Hello my dear, I’m Olaplex”, said the subject. Reluctantly the dreamy girl who had been charmed many times before realized that there was something different about this. For example, Olaplex stood tall, with two accomplices by his side. One to be used during the lightening process and one to be used after like a deep conditioner. However, the dreamy girl would not be subject to looks alone.

olaplex lightener

The best way to see if this dreamy product produces what it claims is to use it.

First up, a bit of basic hair chemistry. I’ve posted about hair chemistry before in my explanation of how hair straightening and perming work, but here’s a quick recap:

Hair contains lots of keratin proteins, which has the amino acid cysteine. Cysteine is special because it contains a sulfur (S) atom. Normally, two sulfurs will join together to form a disulfide bond (S-S), creating a link between two proteins:

All these proteins holding hands is partially responsible for your hair’s overall shape and strength. When hair is permed or straightened, these bonds are deliberately broken into two SH (“free thiol”) groups, and then reformed after the hair is pulled into its new shape. Reforming these bonds typically takes a few days (hence not washing your hair for a few days after perming, since it warps the shape).

However, that’s not the only thing that can break disulfide bonds – lye, repeated heat, sunlight, hair styling and chemical treatments like hair colouring will also break disulfide bonds and lead to weakened, damaged hair. The peroxide used in bleaching can help repair disulfide bonds… but can also paradoxically stop them from forming, by capping the SH with a sulfate group, hence the extra damage:



I was initially sceptical of the claims, since so many other hair products claim to do similar things and…don’t. But the patent holders are academic chemists with extremely impressive reputations –Craig Hawker is on the Editorial Board of a lot of high impact factor chemistry journals, and has 17 Angew. Chem. papers on his resume, which is a pretty BFD in the chemistry world. So I wanted to vet this product thoroughly!

The patent has a surprising amount of detail into the mechanism of how it’s supposed to work. The short story is, the two ends of bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate form bonds with the sulfurs, making an artificial, extended disulfide bridge. More specifically, the “dimaleate” part of bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate are what’s known as Michael acceptors. These react with an SH group each in aMichael reaction to form covalent bonds like so:

olaplex-mechanismAnd so a new disulfide link is formed between the two sulfurs, making the hair stronger. This happens pretty quickly – unlike with hair straightening and perming, these reactions will happen faster than the peroxide capping reaction, meaning hair damage during colouring is drastically reduced. Pretty cool, huh?


It’s neat that there’s a scientifically legit explanation for how Olaplex could work, but does it really happen this way in the real world? There are no published independent scientific trials yet, apart from thousands of rave reviews and before-and-after photos, which are pretty dramatic. There’s also a cool side-by-side comparison in the American Board of Certified Haircolorists Newsletter: they repeatedly shampooed hair after treatment with Olaplex, mineral oil, b3 Brazilian Bond Builder or colorpHlex. Olaplex comes out on top by far, even though the other two proprietary treatments make similar claims (strengthens hair from the inside out, repairs bonds).

I’m looking forward to seeing more comparisons in the coming months, especially with regard to how long the effects of Olaplex last – having coarse black Asian hair, chalkable pastel mermaid hair has always been an unachievable dream, and I’m optimistic that perhaps Olaplex can get me there without any frying!

So now with the use of this product for the last year on many clients with patience and a couple of services it is working well.


Olaplex Hair Lightening

Olaplex Hair Lightening

Olaplex Hair Lightening


Hair Color Cocktail

With the influx of hair color techniques such as ombre and balayage it is rare that the stylists here at Studio 229 do a regular all over hair color or partial foil. Instead, more commonly stylists cocktail color techniques in order to get hair that is suited to clients lifestyle,  skin tone and face framing.

What is so great about this for you is what typically would consume a half day in the hair salon to perform multiple services to achieve these effects and a good portion of your expendable income has now been reduced to a couple of hours and one price tag. Industry innovation in the hair industry goes farther then technique, with additives such as Olaplex the condition of your hair is also left feeling soft, manageable and amazing.

Examples of this can be seen with  blog23this soft red with warm tones of blonde and natural brown undertones that show how an all over color was applied to the root area of the hair and then a lightener was painted on to add extra highlights and soften the hair to go with her milky skin tone.

Another example of cocktailing is shown in this picture where an all over color is done and then the hair is painted on the ends and around the face to create lighter ends and darker roots:


This natural look is reminiscent of living in a sunny climate because the hair would naturally fade to lighter on the ends. Most people also tend to be a little lighter around their face. The other advantage to this type of hair coloring is the grow out of the highlight is less obvious and can be done less frequent.

One does not have to be of a certain age group to pull off this type of hair color nor is this any longer considered a trend. A couple of years ago when  coloring just the ends of your hair was trending (ombre) in the hair industry it was definitely a trend. Since, hair color has become much more refined and these techniques have graduated into hair color styles that fit every dimension, in every blend, to fit every life style.

If you are tired of the same old hair color and would like to explore something exciting yet refined we would love to consult with you about your hair color. Consultations are always free and we would enjoy a chat about what is best suited for your hair color.

Healthy bleached lightened foiled hair — Olaplex

Healthy bleached lightened foiled hair- olaplex! If you are thinking about lighting, bleaching, or foiling your hair please use olaplex. It is a new technological advancement that has made the hair industry made it possible to bleach fine hair without damaging the hair. This treatment  is added to the bleach or lightener. It is very exciting to us hair designers. It works by  taking the bonds of your hair and makes them stronger. which are broken down by the peroxide developer so that your hair is now “open” to receive color or bleach. This breaking down causes them to become single sulfur-hydrogen bonds. Once the oxygen bonds from the peroxide  start to react with these new, much weaker bonds, they more often than not cause a negative chain reaction. Then the proteins in your hair to be eaten away which means your hair can get dryer than before the service.  That’s why bleach is sometimes damaging. Olaplex links together the broken bonds created by chemical processing in your hair which prevents damage from ever happening. For stylists,  this means double processing on the same day without worry and for clients this means having bleached hair that does not feel  dry after a bleach service but instead feels soft and luscious.  Olaplex literally seals the bonds of the hair. There is never been anything like this in the hair industry. Ever.

bleach blog

This means we can take black hair and make it white, fine hair and make it blonde as we want, the possibilities are endless. New doors have opened and we are so excited! Is there a hair color that you have always wanted and could not have? That may have changed.

bleach blog 2               bleach blog 3                bleach blog5

Not only are we able to get dark hair lighter but we can also lighten fine hair without breaking or damaging it. This also keeps the hair shiny and smooth after a color or bleach process because Olaplex actually acts as a bonding agent that reseals the cuticle layer of the hair. It is the most advanced revolutionary additive that has come across the professional hair design scene in 50 years. We will now be using it on almost everyone who want their hair to have this shinier healthier effect. One should note that if you would like Olaplex added into your formulation there will be an added charge for it is a very expensive product. The hair seems as if it has not been bleached:

bleach blog4        bleach blog6     bleachblog7

We will be happy to consult with you about this lightning process or any of your hair needs. Feel free to call the salon at 206-322-6325 for a consultation and speak with DeAnna our color coordinator. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have.

Healthy Bleached Lightened Foiled Hair olaplex



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