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Seattle Best Balayage

Seattle Best Balayage

Almost everyone in Seattle would love the “Best Balayage,” but what exactly is a great balayage? That depends. It depends on what you are looking for. It may be a simple lightening of 2-3 shades and a toner over the top or it could be a process that takes a couple of visits and must be put in foils in order to get enough lift if your hair is dark or has previous hair color on it. The good news is there are some new techniques out there that help you get the best balayage in Seattle. You can also get it done in record time thanks to these techniques that help apply the lightener easier, faster and with no weird lines or uneven color.

The stylists here at Studio 229 Hair Design have been using a balayage technique developed  by the Italian company Alter Ego lately with special sponges and brushes. The sponges allow application of the lightner faster and the brushes are of a high quality. Blending the lightner is much easier than the old method of Balayaging the hair. Time wise the application is cut down from about an hour to 15 minutes. There is no mess like the old techniques so lightening and toning becomes the main focus. It is about time that techniques have been perfected, as the old ways of doing balayages were too time consuming and messy.

The Italians have also come up with a superior lightening agent that lifts with less damage. It lifts faster, and is perfect for a great hair color, mainly balayages.


Balayage and Tone in the salon

These things are important because as you get your hair color touched up you don’t want to keep overlapping your lightener. Overlapping lightener will eventually cause damage which can lead to breakage. Also, the lightener has lots of conditioning properties and works as fast as possible. This ensures the least damage and best possible outcome. If you have fine hair or previously colored hair consider using the bond multiplier, Olaplex which will keep your hair healthy and shiny.

We are always here to answer more questions. Feel free to call the salon at 206*322*6325. If you would like to keep reading here is another blog about balayages

Hair Color Seattle Salon



Best Balayage Hair Color




Best Balayage Hair Color

Consider these things to get the best balayage hair color:

The stylist:

Make sure that the stylist you see has had advanced training. Specifically in Facebook page and check out their work and make sure that their work is on point: There is one link for you to check out that has some pretty cool balayage photos.

The training:

Where did the stylist get the training? Normally, stylist with advanced skills get their training from going to classes. Not just watching internet videos. Don’t be afraid to look at salon websites and look for training list under stylists bios. It is also okay to call salons and ask. Balayages often not only take training but also practice. Therefore, ask how long stylists have been doing balayages. I would recommend that a stylist be doing them for at least three years if you would like a truly great balayage hair color.

The salon:

Pick a salon that is centrally located. One that knows how to treat you well. Getting the best balayage hair color is also about catering to your individual needs, your lifestyle and your comfort while you’re at the salon.

Also, the color itself must match your eyes, skin tone and level of maintenance. The consultation is important, should be free and you should always be comfortable both physically and emotionally.

It is also a great idea to have pictures of the desired look you want to achieve. A seasoned stylist can help guide you into a fashionable look based on your unique style.

Here are some examples of recent works where the client had something in mind and we “tweaked” the results a tad.

Hand painted bleached hair with pink roots

If you are looking for a good place to get the best balayage hair color Studio 229 hair design has all of the things mentioned in this article. Here is a link to the online booking

If it is convenient for you we would be happy to give you a free consultation and discuss giving you the best balayage possible for you.



Asymmetrical Haircuts

Asymmetrical haircuts are great. If you are looking for something a little different, a little funkier but still wearable, an asymmetrical haircut may be a good look for you. After all, they never really go out of style.

Paris Hilton in a smart asymmetrical bob

Not perfectly symmetrical , an asymmetrical haircut may be slightly different or drastically different on one side from the other, depending on the level of drama you desire. This can be a great way to switch up your bob or shoulder length hair easily. This is one of our favorites:

Stunning and very feminine asymmetrical cut

The look can be soft and feminine or more edgy and shattered –depending on your hair type and preference. A good consultation with one of our cutting cutting experts can help determine what look would work best with your hair type, face shape and lifestyle.

A more dramatic and edgy asymmetrical cut

soft and easy with a bit of edge

This asymmetrical haircut also grows out beautifully and is super easy to change or update. So why not just go for it? If you wish to get a different type of haircut that is cool too. We are always here for you! Mention this blog posting and get $10.00 off a new look today!

*new clients only.



Red Hair Color

Red hair color is so hot right now. How do you tell your hair designer what color of red you want? How do you know what color of red hair you want? Explore this blog to learn the colors of red that will be just right for you and your skin tone. There are several colors of red hair color that range from light to dark but knowing which one will look best on you may take a little research. If you have a light or fare skin tone it is probably best to stick with the more copper or gold reds:

Granted this image is showing off a little ombre. The copper next to her face is very appealing on her skin. If your skin is darker or more medium toned it is easier to wear a color that has more violet in it. A red, red hair color is very in right now. Whatever red color you choose, make it bright, bold and daring:

Although this red hair color isn’t for everyone, it is beautiful. There are several things that can be done to tone down this great red hair color. For example this image of multi-dimensional red hot hair color is great.

Love! This is very wearable red hair color is for almost everybody. Although the red hot hair is coppery it could also be done in a more violet or red, red. The fact that there is still brown hair throughout the bottom and partial sides gives the hair color dimension and adds interest. Plus, it just looks cool. There are other ways to make your hair look red hot for the Christmas season too:

This red hair color is so beautiful because it fits her skin, eyes and lip color well. When coloring your hair bright red it is important to remember that you must keep in mind your make-up and your cloths. If you go for a more natural red than it is not as noticeable. The other factor to keep in mind is upkeep or maintaining your hair color. Reds are notorious for fading. You can count on recoloring your hair about every 6 weeks in order to keep the color fresh and appealing.

If you have any other questions or would like a consultation feel free to contact the color professionals here at Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa. Hair color consultations are always free. Our phone number is 206-322-6325. We are located on Capitol Hill on Broadway in the heart of Seattle. We look forward to hearing from you!

Hair Color Trends

Hair color trends advice can be found here. Kelly Osbourne has lavender locks, Kate Bosworth has blue tipped ends and Lauren Conrad’s tie-dyed  hair shows that clients want an array of fashion colors this season. All over Europe as well as the U.S. sophisticated salon step-ups have been appearing. Warren Tricomi created NYC based Edward Tricomi Salon’s Splash Color Interpretation (color is simply splashed on), and encourages salons to create their own signature hair color services. His do’s and don’ts for trend tapping:

DO: The “Hipness factor”:It’s about the hair, the makeup, clothing and the personality working together to create a harmonious look.


DO: Choose hair colors based on the season. For fall, experiment with reds, oranges and yellows. For spring try pinks, blues, and greens. Go a little darker in the winter.


DON’T: Overdo it. Pick one or two colors at most 3 three.


DON’T: Try and be punk. This is an elegant an sophisticated style; it’s modern art.


For more tips or to make an appointment to get your hair colored come see us at our Capitol Hill hair salon in Seattle; it is called Studio 229 Hair Design and Spa. We love trendy hair with style that can be worn on business minded clientele.

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