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Extension Questions Answered

Extension Questions Answered

There are 4 essential extension questions that most clients love to ask right from the start: How much do extensions cost? Are extensions damaging? How long do extension lasts?, And what kind of extensions are the best? Let’s start with the last question, first.

What Kind of Extensions are Best?

The type of extension that is best for you is going to be based on the thickness of your hair. Extensions come in several types. Most salons use tape ins, micro beads or i-tips  and Keratin (Glue). Personally, I believe keratin is too damaging so I stick to tape-in and micro beads. Sometimes a combination of the two types also works well. Tape ins are nice for building a base but don’t work well on the upper layers. Especially for wearing ones hair up.

Here is a client who has plenty of hair, as shown in the before photo.


Tape ins were applied to extend length:

extensions, blue, silver balayage

Tape in extensions with blue and silver peek a boos.

How Long do Hair Extensions Last?

Hair Extensions lasts 6 weeks and then need to be “moved up.” Tape in hair can be moved up three times. I tip hair can moved up twice because the glue that bonds the extension together breaks down. If hair extensions are not moved up every six weeks, you risk your hair being damaged. This is because as your hair grows, the extension weighs down heavier and pulls harder on the attached hair.

Are Hair Extensions Damaging?

Hair extensions can be damaging if you don’t maintain them. If you have baby fine hair they can also be damaging. I believe that keratin hair extensions are also very damaging upon removal. Also, if extensions are not done correctly they can be damaging because hair overlapping causes breakage. Proper tools and hair, also essential. I know that you can find cheap hair but it will not have the shine or quality component, therefore, look. The stylist ability to blend your hair to the extension hair is a big part of the service. Keeping your hair healthy despite highlighting, like shown below, is essential when relying not only the blending ability of an extension expert.

tape in extensions, I-tip extensions, microbeads, capitol hill hair salon, seattle salon

This is a combination of I-tip and tape-in extensions. The length is 22″.

What is the Cost of Hair Extensions?

The cost of hair extensions depends on if you would like to extend your length of if you would like to get a little volume added. In other words, how much hair do you need and what length would you like? Also, what type of extensions will we be using? I-tip extensions are a little more expensive than tape ins. With tape ins, they costs a little less to be installed and you can wear them one extra time. Also, if your hair is thick and your extending length you will need a lot of hair.

As you can see it is hard to quote a price without knowing a little something about the individual. What I can say is that most people wear 18″ extensions. These extensions come down past the middle of their back and blend well with the natural hair. A full head of tape ins, installed in medium textured hair, uses approximately 4 packs of extensions. Studio 229 Hair Salon doesn’t charge a markup on the hair. The cost is $99 a pack plus tax for a total of $440.00. Keep in mind, this is the cost for the hair only and approximate. The cost for installation is $250.00 In 18″ i-tips, 6 packs are needed for a full head on medium textured hair. At $69 a pack + beads $40, and tax = 494.00 for the hair only. The cost for installation is $150.00 an hour. It takes about 2 1/2 hours four a total of $375. Hair blending is a service that is done complementary as a part of the extension application.


Keep in mind that this is for the first application. Extensions must be maintained in order to look amazing so it is best to plan for costs in your long range budget. It is best to  find an amazing extension expert to apply and care for your extensions. A stylists who has a lot of experience and training will serve you well.

Studio 229 Hair Salon is an industry leader in the art of hair extensions. Here is another blog focusing on hair extensions:

Getting Perfect Hair Extensions

Here is Studio 229’s Hair extension page: Seattle Hair Extensions

We are located here: contact

If interested we do free consultations to answer any more questions you may have regarding extensions, color matching, length or to give you an individual quote.

Thank you


Highlights on Your Hair

Highlights on Your Hair

Highlights on your hair are a great way to add some dimension. Even if you have a balayage right now, highlights create a little blending between your balayage and the root area. I love to put a couple of babylights around the face to refresh a balayage and then paint some lightener on the ends. This is a really quick way to refresh things and brighten a hair color that has gotten dull with time. Add a nice toner over the top and wala — perfection.



She still has her beautiful balayage but now she also has dimensional hair color all the way to the top. Her hair will grow out well and she can come in in 2-3 months if she would like and get her roots touched up with a partial highlight or she can bump her base a little and go for more of a balayage look. Either way the maintenance is minimal for someone who wears their hair this blonde.

Granted her natural color is pretty light. Consider staying a more caramel color if you are looking for low maintenance and you have dark hair. You can still get the same great look. It will probably look better on your skin tone too as people with dark hair tend to have a darker skin tone that looks better with keeping the hair a little bit warmer. Although I have seen all sorts of colors on all skin tones and am surprised at what people pull off. It’s all about your personal style.

For example this pretty lady had black hair color on her hair. She wanted to go ash blonde. After her second appointment we finally got her to an ash blonde and got most of the orange out of her ends. We did a balayage on her but put it in foils to keep the heat in and bring up the color. Of course we used the bond multiplyer, #Olaplex to keep her hair healthy. Although she is part Jamaican, so she has darker skin, this blonde hair looks very good on her.

Olaplex keeps your hair healthy while lightening:

I highly recommend it.


Radiant Redheads

Radiant Redheads

Radiant redheads exclaim, “Red hair don’t care!” There are a lot of red hair colors and it certainly doesn’t have to be Fall to think about changing one’s hair color to red. The great thing about red hair color is that there are so many different shades of red hair color that anyone, that’s right, anyone can wear red hair color! It just depends on the shade and the depth of the red hair color. Let’s dive in a little deeper to what I’m talking about.

I know that y’all get sick of me talking about skin tone. But hey, when it comes to hair color it is important. Let’s say you have an olive complexion. It is probably best to stick with a more purple or richer red. Here are a couple of photos of clients that have just that. This is my friend Rose and although she normally wears blue hair, I at one point talked her into changing it to red. It didn’t last long because she got too many cat calls. I realize that most people don’t wear this bright of hair so stay tuned for more.

Here is a before and after of a radiant redhead who has an olive complexion and been a couple of different colors and really likes red hair color. What is nice about this photo is that you can see how her hair is very dark naturally and how both her base and a couple streaks are added for dimension. She has a ton of hair.

Check out this brown red; so pretty, so radiant!

Moving along to check out radiant redheads with fair skin tones and therefore more gold in the hair color.

Notice how her skin and eyes are lighter than the previous radiant redheads. She looks great! She could even add a couple blonde highlights for a strawberry blonde effect in the summer or just leave it as is.

If you are interested in becoming a radiant redhead or just reading a little more about hair color in general here is a couple more links to hair color blogs

Thanks for reading and if you would like to talk about it consultations are always free. You can book online, at or feel free to call the salon at



Winter highlights

Winter Highlights 

Highlights in the winter are different from other seasons in that they tend to be a bit cooler, a bit darker, and not as vibrant. Even if you are a natural blonde think about adding some low-lights or perhaps an ash color blonde in the winter to go with your more subdued wardrobe. We here at Studio 229 Hair Design love doing highlights (or lowlights) but want to stress that there is a difference between the way the sun hits your hair depending on the season. Don’t worry about going a little darker or cooler in the winter with your highlights. You will still have the dimension that you seek with the highlights and the color will fade with time. In the Spring you will be able to go lighter again if you wish. Here is a photo cooler blonde:

Fashion portrait of elegant lady on black background with cool blonde hair


Toning the hair gives the hair a more refined look and will give the hair just that: the tone. You will get 3-4 weeks from your toner. Therefore, the cool tone will only last 3-4 weeks. However you should be able to come back in and get the toner touched up for a minimal fee (about $45). This is the cost of a blow out. Your hair will still look good without the toner but it will not have the same ashy look. If it is going into spring, it may be better to let it go more towards its brighter color. By the way, a toner is not damaging on your hair.

If interested in talking about your hair for any season please feel free to contact studio 229! We would  love to consult with you. Matching hair with skin tone, eyes and season, as well as lifestyle is my thing. Here are some links to other blogs about hair color too if you want to keep reading….



What’s up with Broadway?


What’s up with Broadway?

Capitol Hill Seattle

Honestly, being a small business owner, my perspective of Broadway isn’t all that different than the community I serve. Light rail has been open for almost two years now

and although it’s amazing, I don’t think that it warrants the increase in rents that landlords thought it would. Hence, all the for lease spaces. Perhaps, get a clue, and lower rents since even chains like Einsten’s bagels, that seemed busy, can’t seem to generate enough profit to stay in long-term leases. I don’t know I’m certainly not an expert on property management. But something’s seriously wrong.

Broadway Capitol Hill Seattle

The thing is though, light rail has made it a literal 2 minute ride to or from downtown or to the U district. It is so convenient that the city has raised Capitol Hill parking to 10pm. They say it is good for businesses! It is working for people who live in on or near Capitol Hill in Seattle to go car less. This concept is great for climate change. However, if you do not live on a bus line and want to come have dinner on the Hill, or get a haircut, I suggest downloading the Pay to Park App. for ease. However, because there is a 2 hour limit pay at the pay station on the street and take note of the number and take a picture of your license plate. Then refill time on the app. Wala, 4 hours. Loophole!

Although you may find the Pike/Pine corridor a bit more lively, this is because it is closer to town, landlords haven’t anticipated increased foot traffic because of light rail, and increased rents; and Broadway, and the surrounding area, is more residential. However, getting to Broadway is a bit easier because of light rail.

The residential trend will continue on Broadway as the construction is scheduled to start in 2018 on five new buildings adjacent to the light rail project and Cal Anderson Park. There will also be a Broadway Plaza. Here is a link to that project published in the Capitol Hill Blog.

Okay, it doesn’t seem that even with new construction and 427 more units scheduled that there is a too big of chance that North Capitol Hill, will fill all these retail spaces, especially since more are coming. Construction won’t even be done till about 2020. Unless there is some changes, personally I think that 427 units is not going to  make that big of a deal 3 years from now. Hope I’m wrong. Unless the city, landlords and businesses work together to create viable and affordable spaces that can work for the public the trend of for lease spaces will continue on Broadway.

Well for now there is plenty of good restaurants, hair salons and another new walk-in clinic going in where Charlie’s was (In case you’re too sick to walk 2 blocks).

After talking to 4-6 clients and friends per day, they give me reviews of their favorite restaurants up here!  I had dinner at a Malaysian one the other night and the food was A-mazing! Here is a link to there web sight

The prices were great too! And the drinks were special and had flavours that were new to me. There was a slight wait (around 25 minutes) but worth it.

Another great spot to hit up for breakfast or lunch is Cafe Solstice. There is a laid back vibe there and good sandwiches, ales, baked goods, coffee and music.

Okay, I will plug my business too with a link and let you decide for yourself as we are definitely one of the premier salons on Capitol Hill.

We specialize in hair color, keratin treatments and extensions and try our very best to please you. Consultations are always free if you’re in the market for a new stylist! We also offer sugaring and spa services from my girl Cecilia so you can have both done at the same place for convenience. (206)322-6325 is the phone number or we have online booking:

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