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Juice up your summer color with a glaze

Summer color is better with a glaze. Fun in the sun can take a toll on your hair color. Highlights can turn brassy or too gold and hair can lose it’s shine due to sun or water exposure. A simple fix to tone those locks and put some shine back into the hair is get a glaze. A lot of people are not familiar with the term glaze. Essentially a glaze is a conditioning, sheer, semi-permanent color. Our color experts at Studio 229 use Redken Shades EQ for this. –A tried and true hair color and a favorite of our stylists.

Since it is sheer it is a great way to add some color without covering up the dimension from highlights or even to blend gray! Adding a glaze over gray will blend it, rather than fully cover it. Turning your grays into soft and shiny “highlights”. You can add rich copper tones to add warmth or cool tones to reduce brassiness. The choice is yours. The color will gradually fade out over the course of several months (generally about three) without leaving a line at the roots like permanent color will. Since the color is “deposit only” meaning it doesn’t lighten hair, it is ammonia free and non-damaging to the hair.

Anne Hathaway has a gorgeous honey glaze over her highlights

So indulge your locks in a glossy hair color and spruce up your summer do. Stop by for a free consultation and we will show you swatches to suit your eye color, skin tone and enhance your hair color!
Stay cool Seattle!

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