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Thinking of Cutting Your Hair Mid-Length?

Thinking of Cutting Your Hair Mid-Length?

It seems that at one point or another we all have gone from longish hair to mid-length hair. Maybe we are even considering something a little shorter for the New Year! Going shorter can feel like shedding the old to make way for something new.

Mid-Length haircuts don’t require as much commitment. After all, you can still wear your hair up. You still get the benefits of faster blow drying, heat styling, and less product. Plus, if you end up thinking that long hair suits you better, growing it back out is relatively painless.

Although it is always tempting to go for a new look, please consider the mid-length haircut for awhile first. Although these cuts are fantastic, it will take awhile for you to grow your haircut back out. According to Wikipedia  human hair grows about 6 inches per month.

There are some really cute photos of mid-length hair out there. Hair color looks amazing with it too. I love it waved with a curling iron. When you get a moment, browse Google for some looks! Here are a couple of before and afters that I have done recently.

Here is the before:

And the after, she is still able to put up her hair.

Styling mid-length hair can be a lot of fun too! Rather than wearing it straight, or cutting it more one length, like the person above, you could either go a little shorter, more layered and curl it a bit.

One of Studio 229’s top selling products is called Puff Me.


Puff Me also comes in a white bottle which is there light formula. It retails for $19.95, adds a ton of body and kinda feels like a dry shampoo, but stickier.

I also wanted to show you some pretty mid-length hair with color:

Hair Mid-length

If you are looking for something new and are considering a mid-length (or shorter) I would love to help you out. My name is DeAnna and I love doing both haircuts and hair color. I look forward to hearing from you!

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