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Amazing Hair Color

Amazing Hair Color

Amazing hair color begins with shine, texture and flow. In order to achieve amazing hair color you need an amazing stylist. Amazing hair color comes with by way of an amazing salon where stylists are trained to see your hair, skin and lifestyle all as one component and big picture. They tie it all together in order to give you the best outcome. Amazing hair color usually has some depth, even if your hair color is blonde it needs some dimension and movement (flow). This is what is meant by texture in hair color. The shine is important too. You cannot have amazing hair color and have dull hair. Your hair must, I repeat must be healthy to be amazing. Some of us have this image of a model, hair blowing in a fan. That is not what will make your hair color look amazing. This is:


First and foremost, never lighten your hair without using the bond multiplier Olaplex. It is a patented product and it will save your hair. I also highly recommend that you take home Olaplex #3 and use it once a week. It will keep your hair healthy in between hair color treatments. Because your hair is healthy it will also maintain it’s natural shine.

Also, if you blow dry your hair, try using a light mist shine spray from the mid-shaft down. What this does is calm the fly-aways that we all get. It also adds to the shine. My favorite is Kenra Silkening Mist because it is light and smells like vanilla and cherry dream. Here is how it looks:


Amazing hair color is also dependent on texture. Texture relies on your hair color having multi-dimension. Even if you choose to have only one color or all over color it should have several colors when the light hits it. Amazing hair color looks lighter in sunlight and darker indoors. Your hair color should reflect light, even without highlights or balayage treatments. If you do choose those treatments you will have more texture and dimension. It all depends on your desired look. Remember that contrast and similarities in the colors that you choose will determine the amount of texture that you get. For example, if you choose a very dark base color and a light highlight color you will have a lot of dimension. Where if you choose a medium base color and a caramel highlight you will have a much more subtle amount of dimension. Let’s take a look at both:

Here is a photo taken of a clients hair who we decided that putting both some warm hair color tones and blonde hair color tones would add great texture.

highlight hair texture abstract background

Flow and amazing hair color

Flow and amazing hair color work in two ways. First, you must have a haircut that works with your color and face shape. Secondly, please, please get your haircut regularly. If you have split ends that are dry and weighing down your hair you are not going to have the healthy, shiny flowy hair that you want. Also, if you have heavy thick hair and it needs to be thinned out it is not going to flow or move well if it has been three months since you have had a haircut. A trim will go a long way in making and keeping your amazing hair color amazing. Long hair that is unhealthy is not pretty ladies. Please consider taking off a little each time you get it colored. In the long run, your hair will thank you with amazing hair color!

Here at Studio 229 we specialize in custom hair color and we always use Olaplex when lightening the hair. We have several other blogs where we have posted pictures of our work. Here are some of those links:

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Our work can also be viewed on our instagram page at


Layering vs. Texture

Layering texture or both; What is layered hair and what does it mean when I ask my stylist for them?  Layered hair is when you want to keep length but use shorter hairs to create volume.   Lots of people love their length but dislike the flatness and lack of volume on top. It can be used to create as much volume and texture in your hair as you desire for less work.  It makes it easier to style and manage plus layering can be used on all hair types! Here is a picture to show off some layers around the face:

Pretty classic layering

Depending on the  hair style and look you want layers can be even shorter and exaggerated.

Take the layers shorter and you can get more of a ‘shag’

If you’re wanting a more blunt cut like this you’ll notice no layering.  Softening the ends with texturizing keeps it from triangling out and being too bulky.

That, and a flat iron helps 😉

Now that we have shown three images of layers lets discuss the difference between layering and texture. Often texture is referred to  as the thickness or wave pattern one has to their hair. It can also pertain to  the amount of thinning a stylist or designer does to someones hair.  The hair is pulled up and small amounts of hair are sliced out to make the longer hairs stand up therefore the hair will have more body. In effect, the outcome is similar. However, the look is different because the hair has a more “textured” look to it.  The stylist has control of how much texture to take out so for thick hair  more hair is taken or a little is taken for fine hair.  A good hair stylist is able to texture hair to make it lay in a way that adds weight or take away weight where it is to heavy to make the perfect haircut.

We at Studio 229 hair design and Spa layer the hair and then add texture for a beautiful hair style that last the longest amount of time and has the best grow out. So in effect the stylist gives layering texture.


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