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winter highlights

Winter highlights

Winter Highlights 

Highlights in the winter are different from other seasons in that they tend to be a bit cooler, a bit darker, and not as vibrant. Even if you are a natural blonde think about adding some low-lights or perhaps an ash color blonde in the winter to go with your more subdued wardrobe. We here at Studio 229 Hair Design love doing highlights (or lowlights) but want to stress that there is a difference between the way the sun hits your hair depending on the season. Don’t worry about going a little darker or cooler in the winter with your highlights. You will still have the dimension that you seek with the highlights and the color will fade with time. In the Spring you will be able to go lighter again if you wish. Here is a photo cooler blonde:

Fashion portrait of elegant lady on black background with cool blonde hair


Toning the hair gives the hair a more refined look and will give the hair just that: the tone. You will get 3-4 weeks from your toner. Therefore, the cool tone will only last 3-4 weeks. However you should be able to come back in and get the toner touched up for a minimal fee (about $45). This is the cost of a blow out. Your hair will still look good without the toner but it will not have the same ashy look. If it is going into spring, it may be better to let it go more towards its brighter color. By the way, a toner is not damaging on your hair.

If interested in talking about your hair for any season please feel free to contact studio 229! We would  love to consult with you. Matching hair with skin tone, eyes and season, as well as lifestyle is my thing. Here are some links to other blogs about hair color too if you want to keep reading….



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